Building A Library - Caló

Miguel Caló and his orchestra

Miguel Caló's orchestra more than any other epitomised good taste in the first half of the 1940s.

After recording one 78 with the Splendid label in 1932, Caló signed to Odeón as early as 1934. and the orchestra began to record regularly in 1941 without having to leave for Victor (as had Tanturi and Troilo).

What sort of buyer are you?

I only want one or maybe two albums of Caló

EBCD 34 El Bandoneón were again "first to market" with a release of Caló, (EBCD-34 Yo soy el tango). With great selections from his whole career and excellent sound fidelity this is still the best Caló cd to start with.

I'm a DJ or collector - I want more

This is easy: collect the albums on Reliquias. Get first the ones pertaining to the period of the Orchestra of the Stars, i.e. pre 1945 Once again, I spare you the sight of those lime green and yellow covers - here's a list:

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