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Welcome to our Tango Music Club!

Nothing improves your dancing so much as a good feeling for the special qualities of tango music. The idea of the club was to help you build a library of good tango music, tailored to your own tastes.

The club ran for 8 years, from December 2008 to December 2015, but was forced to close because of the reducing supply of tango CDs, itself a consequence of on-line listening (youtube and spotify) and of course copying.

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This month's cds (February 2008):

This month we'd like to encourage you to have a look round all of the four cds on offer. They are all strong albums! Remember, if you don't have a particular preference - let us decide for you. We'll just select one of the albums for you, taking into account your buying history and (if we know you personally) your preferences.

This month we have cracking cds from Rodolfo Biagi, Carlos Di Sarli and Aníbal Troilo. We also this month we have the tango nuevo album Electrocutango at well below its normal price. Aprovecha! as they say in Spanish - make the most of it. Stocks are limited.

Rodolfo Biagi - Sus éxitos con Jorge Ortiz

Rodolfo Biagi was the pianist with the magic hands (manos brujos) who electrified D'Arienzo's orchestra in 1935, sparking off the tango revolution. After three years of stupendous success, Biagi quit to form his own band whilst a succession of imitators discovered how difficult it was to fill the vacant pianists's chair in D'Arienzo's orchestra.

Biagi did not attempt to reproduce the D'Arienzo sound, but created his own style which is playful and cheeky. It's a simpler formula than D'Arienzo - Piazzolla condemned it as insipid - but the heavy syncopations and sparkling piano solos are so easy to enjoy.

The vocalist on this disc is Jorge Ortiz. Joining forces with Biagi after the departure of the excellent Andrés Falgás, Ortiz became Biagi's best and most successful vocalist. They recorded 29 tracks together before Ortiz departed in 1943, but after brief sojourns with Miguel Caló amongst others he returned in 1945 and cut another 8 sides.

Standout tracks on this disc include the opener Humillación - just listen to the despair with which Ortiz utters Odio este amor (I hate this love) - and the deliriously romantic Todo te nombra (everything names you).

Of your love, I am a captive
Because everything in me names you

The disc also includes the superb instrumental vals Lágrimas y sonrisas, whose final piano variation is so quick that your fingers will get tired just listening to it.

Track list

  1. Humillación
  2. Indiferencia
  3. Trenzas
  4. Yuyo verde
  5. Magdala
  6. Ya lo ves
  7. Todo te nombra
  8. Guapo y varón
  9. Señor, señor
  10. Lágrimas y sonrisas vals
  11. Pájaro ciego
  12. Romantico bulincito
  13. Ahora no me conoces
  14. Quiero verte una vez más
  15. Yo también
  16. Si de mi te has olvidado
  17. No le digas que la quiero
  18. Carillón de la merced
  19. Misa de once
  20. La marcha nupcial


Jorge Ortiz (1-9,11-20)
instrumental (10)

Felino - Electrocutango

How are we managing to include this cd at the club price? I don't know ; )

Felino's electrocutango is simply one of the best electronic tango cds - and if you know me, you know how fussy I am about that! Read more about it on our Tango Nuevo page.

limited stock

Track list

  1. Felino
  2. Victoriosa
  3. Rivadavia
  4. Electroqtango
  5. 12 Tango
  6. Regina
  7. El llorón
  8. Renacere
  9. Misterienzo
  10. Sin Piel
  11. Astorlokefu
  12. A fuego violento
  13. Retrolanga
  14. Mi viejo dolor


Julia Zenko (8,10)

Carlos Di Sarli - sus éxitos con Jorge Durán

As the 1940s progressed, the strong preference for high tenor voices for the male cantor de orquesta (orchestra singer) began slowly to soften. Even before Troilo took the step of incorporating the much lower base-baritone voices of Edmundo Rivero and Roberto Goyeneche - both of whom he poached from a struggling Horacio Salgán - Carlos Di Sarli had, in 1945, invited the wonderful Jorge Durán to join his orchestra, following the departure of both Roberto Rufino and Alberto Podestá, and for a couple of years he was Di Sarli's only singer. The bulk of the tracks on this cd date from that period.

Together they recorded a string of hits. It's classic Di Sarli with a strong walking beat and a strong but sensitive voice. Standout tracks: Que no sepan las estrellas, Porteño y bailarín, Tus labios me diran adiós, Un tango... y nada más Duelo Criollo and Tu íntimo secreto.

Not to mention the wonderful and overlooked milonga Con alma y vida, which shares the same wonderful cadence as Di Sarli's 1941 hit Zorzal.

The only duff tracks here are the late 1950s tracks - two instrumentals, Germaine and El incendio, and three vocals - and that's simply because you can now get much better transfers elsewhere.

But never mind about those - everything else on here is sensational.

Track list

  1. Porteño y bailarín (1945)
  2. Que no sepan las estrellas
  3. Un tango y nada más
  4. Vieja luna
  5. Marianito (1941)
  6. Tus labios me dirán
  7. Así era mi novia (1946)
  8. Con alma y vida milonga
  9. Hoy al recordarla
  10. Germaine (1955)
  11. Tu íntimo secreto
  12. Clavel del aire (1946)
  13. Duelo criollo
  14. Noches de carnaval (otra vez carnaval)
  15. El ingeniero (1955)
  16. Whisky (1957)
  17. Muriendome de amor (1956)
  18. Dónde estás? (1958)
  19. Acuérdate de mi vals
  20. El pollito (1947)

Aníbal Troilo vol.1 - Bien Milonga 1950-51

In 1950, following the torching of the archives of RCA-Victor by their new manager, a number of artists quit and joined the new TK label. Troilo was one of those making the move.

It's unfortunate that this move should coincide with Troilo's most fertile period since the band's formation since the heady days with Francisco Fiorentino back in 1941, because the quality of the records that TK were able to produce is simply not as good as those of their rival. The first four tracks in particular on this cd sound quite ropey. But the music - most of the arrangements are by Astor Piazzolla, returned to Troilo after the commercial and critical failure of his first orchestra - is astonishing. Listen to the barely restrained madness of Tanguango, to Piazzolla's arrangement of his own composition Preparense, and to Troilo's best (and most danceable) recording of his spine-tingling classic Responso, written as a tribute after the death of his close friend, the poet and lyricist Homero Manzi.

It's also lovely to hear singer Raúl Berón with Troilo. Together they shine, especially in the tender vals, Un momento.

This cd is the first of five cds on Archivo TK, the complete recordings of the Troilo orchestra on TK (1950-1956) released by Euro Records in 2006 - after the 50 year copyright had expired. This will certainly be the only time we offer this cd at this price.

limited stock

Track list

  1. Para lucirse
  2. Che bandoneón
  3. Mi vieja viola
  4. Tata no quiere milonga
  5. Preparense
  6. El patio de la morocha
  7. La trampera milonga
  8. N.P. (No place)
  9. Discepolín
  10. Responso
  11. De vuelta al bulín
  12. Bien milonga
  13. La cumparsita
  14. Un momento vals
  15. Inspiración
  16. La violeta
  17. Tanguango


Jorge Casal (2,3,6,16); Aldo Calderon (4); Raul Berón (8,9,11,14)

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