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Welcome to our Tango Music Club!

Nothing improves your dancing so much as a good feeling for the special qualities of tango music. The idea of the club was to help you build a library of good tango music, tailored to your own tastes.

The club ran for 8 years, from December 2008 to December 2015, but was forced to close because of the reducing supply of tango CDs, itself a consequence of on-line listening (youtube and spotify) and of course copying.

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This month's cds (January 2014):

Happy New Year! This month - something a bit different and very hard to find: later recordings from Donato Racciatti, Uruguay's Juan D'Arienzo sound-alike. For something less adventurous: Miguel Caló and Ricardo Tanturi.

Donato Racciatti - 20 exitos originales
Miguel Caló - Sus éxitos con Roberto Arrieta Tanturi/Campos - Una emoción Quinteto Real - De Colección

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Donato Racciatti - 20 exitos originales

Donato Racciatti - 20 exitos originales

Sony 781033

Donato Racciatti was born in Uruguay, a country to which he remained loyal throughout his tango career. He formed his own orchestra in 1948 and started recording on the Uruguayan Sondor label. His style is often compared to D'Arienzo in that it is largely rhythmic, although it is rather simpler in execution in both the piano and bandoneons. This means its not as interesting as D'Arienzo, but nevertheless, the music's strong beats and the contributions of great singers have carved out a niche for Racciatti in the affections of the modern tango public.

This CD was released by Sony Argentina in 2011 and is the only album of Donato Racciatti easily obtained. It contains Nina Miranda's Gloria and Tu corazón, perhaps Racciatti's most popular track, as well as four instrumental tangos. These are mono recordings from his best years, 1950-1960 - there are no recording dates or sleeve notes.

Track list

  1. Tu corazón
  2. El porteñito tango milonga
  3. Fumando espero
  4. Gloria
  5. Rodríguez Peña
  6. Venganza
  7. Re-fa-si
  8. Sentimiento guacho
  9. Sus ojos se cerraron
  10. Yira yira
  11. Sin estrellas
  12. Lagrimas y sonrisas vals
  13. Garufa
  14. La cumparsita
  15. La novena
  16. A media luz
  17. De tardecita
  18. No quiero ni acordarme
  19. Vencida
  20. Andate con la otra

Miguel Caló - Sus éxitos con Roberto Arrieta

Miguel Caló - Sus éxitos con Roberto Arrieta

EMI 499971

When Miguel Caló had to reform his orchestra in 1945 the vocalist to whom he first turned was Roberto Arrieta, a baritone who had already cut some wonderful sides with Lucio Demare. Caló recalled Miguel Nijensohn, who had been his pianist in 1936-1939, employing him both as pianist and arranger. Caló restocked the ranks of the orchestra with fine musicians and told Nijensohn to copy the style of his predecessor Osmar Maderna, and the new orchestra is almost as good as the old one, although the sound is now more the product of the arranger, who recreates the styles of the creative talents who had now departed to form orchestras of their own. This means that the music has less originality than before, but it's still vintage Caló. The milongas are especially welcome and the vocal version of A la gran muñeca is an overlooked jewel. Warmly recommended.

Track list

  1. Qué me van a hablar de amor
  2. Una tarde cualquiera
  3. Corazón si la vieras
  4. Tedio
  5. Valsecito vals
  6. Quedó en venir a las nueve
  7. Pudo ser una vida
  8. Qué cosas tiene la vida
  9. Inútil
  10. Cimarrón de ausencia milonga
  11. En secreto
  12. Sin comprender
  13. Cambalache
  14. A la gran muñeca
  15. Pobre mi madre querida vals
  16. Carriego
  17. No te perdono más
  18. Nunca más
  19. Corazón de papel
  20. La negra quiere bailar milonga

Tanturi/Campos - Una emoción

BMG 41296

Whilst Alberto Castillo was Ricardo Tanturi's most famous singer, milongueros have always said that his successor Enrique Campos was best for dancing. Enjoyable as Castillo's flambouyant style was, it eventually burst beyond the confines of the orchestra and for once his decision to go solo was not mainly a financial one.

Campos was different. In the auditions for Castillo's replacement he was the only one that did not attempt to copy Castillo's inimitable delivery. His phrasing, passion and intelligently chosen reportoire (tango buffs will spot similarites with Chanel's repetoire with Pugliese) mark him out as one of the best singers of the 40s.

When the credits roll on Robert Duvall's Tango, the tango to which Pablo Verón and Geraldine Rojas dance is the title track of this cd, Una emoción. It's a tango which always makes my hairs stand on end.

Its accent is the song of a sentimental voice
Its rhythm is the beat which lives in my city
It's not pretentious
It doesn't want to be precocious
Its name is tango, and nothing else

Oigo tu voz and Recién are also classics, whilst the rest of the cd is merely outstanding.

Track list

  1. Que nunca me falta
  2. Recién
  3. Una emoción
  4. Palomita mía
  5. Y siempre igual
  6. La abandoné y no sabía
  7. Así se canta
  8. Muchachos comienza la ronda
  9. Que bien te queda (cómo has cambiado)
  10. Que sera de ti
  11. Prisionero
  12. Sombrerito
  13. Oigo tu voz
  14. Malvón
  15. Domingo a la noche
  16. Igual que un bandoneón
  17. La uruguayita Lucia
  18. Igual que una sombra
  19. Si se salva el pibe
  20. El sueño del pibe

Quinteto Real - De colección

Quinteto Real - De colección

Sony 80504

The 1960s saw the dissolution of all but a handful of tango orchestras. But three great musicians - three of whom had had their own orchestras - had an idea: how about forming a quintet?

They were the bandoneonista Pedro Láurenz, the painist Horacio Salgán and the violinist Enrique Francini and the quintet they formed was the legendary Quinteto Real.

I can remember exactly with whom and where I was the first time I heard their music, and how we sat in astonishment until the album had finished. It's quite possible to dance to this music, but you'll feel more inclined just to sit and enjoy because there is so much going on in the music.

Every tango household should have one CD of the Quinteto Real - and we can recommend this one! There's nothing on here that isn't on the double album that we also sell (so don't get this if you already have that); the original Quinteto Real didn't record so very much - but of all it is of very high quality.

Track list

  1. La cumparsita
  2. Canro en París
  3. A media luz
  4. Buenos Aires
  5. El choclo
  6. Organito de la tarde
  7. La puñalada milonga
  8. Adiós muchachos
  9. Caminito
  10. Palomita blanca vals
  11. A fuego lento
  12. Julián
  13. Pobre gallo Bataraz
  14. Adiós pampa mía
  15. Taquito militar milonga
  16. El abrojito
  17. Gran hotel Victoria
  18. Ya no cantas chingolo
  19. Ojos negros
  20. La trampera milonga

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