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Welcome to our Tango Music Club!

Nothing improves your dancing so much as a good feeling for the special qualities of tango music. The idea of the club was to help you build a library of good tango music, tailored to your own tastes.

The club ran for 8 years, from December 2008 to December 2015, but was forced to close because of the reducing supply of tango CDs, itself a consequence of on-line listening (youtube and spotify) and of course copying.

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This month's cds (February 2014):

This month - some great and little-heard Biagi from the middle 1940s

Rodolfo Biagi - Sus éxitos con Duval, Heredia, Saavedra y Amor
Tango collection - Edgardo Donato Osvaldo Pugliese - Vieja Recova Carlos Di Sarli - Sus priméros éxitos vol.3

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Rodolfo Biagi - Sus éxitos con Duval, Heredia, Saavedra y Amor

Rodolfo Biagi - Sus éxitos con Duval, Heredia, Saavedra y Amor

Reliquias 529139

This is Biagi at his most subtle, if that's possible. He slows his pace and gives a bit air to the melody whilst still maintaining his style and avoiding the kitsch of his final years. My favourite tracks here are the ones with Carlos Saavedra. Amongst many jewels are a version of Sin palabras that's far more accessible and relaxed than the Pugliese-Morán high-octane drama-fest.

In case I haven't persuaded you, you also get the killer milonga Por la huella. This music deserves to be far better known.

Track list

  1. Bailarina de tango
  2. Estas llorando
  3. Mi pecadora
  4. La copa del olvido
  5. Por tener un corazón
  6. Serenata campera vals
  7. Adoración vals
  8. Caricias
  9. Matala
  10. Y volvemos a querernos
  11. Sin palabras
  12. Gracias
  13. Mientras duerme la ciudad
  14. Esta noche me emborracho
  15. Margot
  16. Garufa
  17. Por la huella tango milonga
  18. De tardecita
  19. No quiero ni acordarme
  20. Lagrimas y sonrisas vals

Tango collection - Edgardo Donato

RGS 1640

Since El Bandoneón deleted their Donato CDs a few years ago, there has been nowehere to refer you to for lots of classic tracks from Edgardo Donato. El huracán, Chiqué, Hácete cartel, and La cumparsita were completely unavailable, whilst Santa milonguita, El día que me quieras, Ruego, were only available on an expensive mp3 collection from Argentina. I could also add El chamuyo, only recently available once more on the 10 CD box on Membrán.

Now you can find all these tracks on this CD from RGS. The CD is not entirely classic 30s Donato cuts however; there are also 7 cuts from 1950-1951. Apart from the instrumental El acomodo, you can spot these on the listing from the vocalists, Adolfo Rivas and Carlos Almada. These are mostly forgettable, although the vals is fun and it's interesting to hear both versions of Donato's signature track, Se va la vida.

The fidelity is okay, but nothing outstanding, certainly no better than what we had from El Bandoneón. As so often with Argentine labels, the singer information on the back cover is incomplete. Nevertheless the album becomes essential by virtue of being the only player in a sparsely populated field. Great value at 25 tracks.

Track list

  1. La cumparsita
  2. El huracán
  3. Chiqué
  4. El camión
  5. Se va la vida (1950)
  6. El día que me quieras
  7. Porque no me besas vals
  8. Preparate pa´l domingo
  9. El acomodo (1951)
  10. Santa milonguita
  11. Por qué doblan las campanas
  12. La caída de la estantería
  13. El vinacho
  14. Pasíon criolla
  15. Tierrita
  16. Rosa poneme una ventosa
  17. Hácete cartel
  18. Papas calientes tango-milonga
  19. Carnaval de mi barrio
  20. Ruego
  21. Sácale punta milonga
  22. El adiós
  23. El chamuyo
  24. Se va la vida (1936)
  25. La tablada

Osvaldo Pugliese - Vieja Recova

Osvaldo Pugliese - Vieja Recova

Magenta 9097

A few Magenta CDs (mostly transfers from LPs) re-appeared last year and this one gathers together the eight scorching sides that Jorge Vidal made with Pugliese in the years 1949-1950. It also includes Pugliese's electrifying instrumental composition Malandraca.

Track list

  1. Ventanita de arrabale
  2. Vieja recova
  3. Puente alsina
  4. Malandraca
  5. Boedo
  6. Barra querida
  7. Testamento de arrabal
  8. La cieguita
  9. Porqué canto el tango
  10. Un baila a beneficio milonga


Jorge Vidal (1-3, 6-10)

Carlos Di Sarli - Sus priméros éxitos vol.3

Carlos Di Sarli - Sus priméros éxitos vol.3

BMG 63346

Classic Di Sarli from the early to mid 1940s with both Rufino and Podestá. Worth it just for the killer milonga Zorzal, or the classic instrumental tango Siete palabras, it's also a good introduction to the more melodic recordings with Podestá for those of you who don't know those.

Track list

  1. A mi me llaman Juan Tango
  2. La mulateada milonga
  3. Si tu quisieras
  4. Los munequitos
  5. Yo soy de San Telmo
  6. Navegante (Vito Dumas)
  7. Todo
  8. Cortando camino vals
  9. Zorzal milonga
  10. Rosa morena milonga
  11. Siete palabras
  12. Soy aquel viajero
  13. Entre pitada y pitada
  14. Lloran las campanas
  15. Llueve otra vez
  16. Julian Centeya milonga
  17. Estampa federal vals
  18. La trilla vals
  19. Un lamento


Roberto Rufino (1-10)
Alberto Podestá (12-18)

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