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Welcome to our Tango Music Club!

Nothing improves your dancing so much as a good feeling for the special qualities of tango music. The idea of the club was to help you build a library of good tango music, tailored to your own tastes.

The club ran for 8 years, from December 2008 to December 2015, but was forced to close because of the reducing supply of tango CDs, itself a consequence of on-line listening (youtube and spotify) and of course copying.

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This month's cds (April 2014):

We'll return to Troilo in May. This month:

Enrique Rodriguez - Sus Primeros Sucesos (canta: Roberto “Chato” Flores and Armando Moreno)
Carlos Di Sarli - Unicos Orquestas Olvidadas Vol.1 Julio De Caro - Tangos de Rompe y Raja

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Enrique Rodriguez - Sus Primeros Sucesos (canta: Roberto “Chato” Flores and Armando Moreno)

Enrique Rodriguez - Sus Primeros Sucesos (canta: Roberto "Chato" Flores and Armando Moreno)

EMI 477584

The cover is ugly, even by the standards of the label, but the music is delightful: Enrique Rodriguez's trademark feel-good fun, with some delightful and little-known valses, all of which are five star tracks. The disc is padded out with a few "otros ritmos", but some of these are great fun - try pasodoble marcha for a taste of the kind of thing that used to get danced in a "traditional" milonga in Buenos Aires.

Track list

  1. Si no me eñgana el corazón
  2. Clavelito en flor vals
  3. Con permiso señorita
  4. Mosterio
  5. Que lejos que estoy vals
  6. Mi munequita
  7. Te quiero ver escopeta
  8. Maja aristocratica vals
  9. Pues quién lo tiene? ranchera
  10. Ritmo de juventud pasodoble marcha
  11. A tisket a tasket fox
  12. Todo va bien
  13. En el Volga yo te espero vals
  14. Esto es puro compás
  15. Concierto en el parque fox
  16. Solita y sola vals
  17. El boulevard de la desilusión fox
  18. No te apures por dios postillón fox
  19. Brindis vals
  20. La viudita de la esquina corrido

Carlos Di Sarli - Unicos

Carlos Di Sarli - Unicos

DK 14145

A selection of Di Sarli's 1950's tracks on TK - considered by many to be even better for dancing than the late 50s tracks on RCA-Victor. These tracks are otherwise hard to obtain.

Track list

  1. La morocha
  2. Patotero sentimental
  3. Poema triste vals
  4. Quejas de bandoneón
  5. Un lamento
  6. Sueño de juventud vals
  7. De vuelta vals
  8. A la gran muñeca
  9. Al compás del corazón
  10. Como los nardos en flor
  11. El ciruja
  12. Duelo criollo


Orquestas Olvidadas Vol.1

Orquestas Olvidadas Vol.1

Reliquias 473893

Orquestas olvidadas means forgotten orchestras and when something has been forgotten, you always have to ask yourselves why. On this CD of 50s recordings the answer is mostly because the orchestra arrived on the scene just a little bit late and didn't make that many recordings. In particular, Ricardo Pedevilla, who sounds a bit like a cross between D'Arienzo and Di Sarli, is eye-poppingly good - but unfortunately he only made 24 recordings, and these on the now forgotten Pampa label. On this evidence, he should have a CD of his own. Antonio Rodio is another find but he made even fewer recordings. Jorge Caldara's Lorenzo is a work of genius - soft and strong at the same time.

This CD is a reminder of the strength in depth that existed in Buenos Aires back in those golden years and will have you hungry for more from these artists.

Track list

  1. La cumparsita - Antonio Rodio
  2. Chiqué - Eduardo Del Piano
  3. El caburé - Ricardo Pedevilla
  4. Mal dea amores - Mario Demarco
  5. Sábado inglés - Edgardo Donato
  6. Siete palabras - Ricardo Pedevilla
  7. Lorenzo - Jorge Caldara
  8. El entrerriano - Carlos Demaria
  9. El amanecer - Ricardo Pedevilla
  10. Fuegos artificiales - Edgardo Donato
  11. La rayuela - Eduardo Del Piano
  12. Organito de la tarde - Ricardo Pedevilla
  13. El negro pintos - Alfredo Attadia
  14. Bienvenida - Mario Demarco
  15. El pollo Ricardo - Ricardo Pedevilla
  16. El chupete - Edgardo Donato
  17. El irresistible - Jorge Caldara
  18. El incendio - Ricardo Pedevilla
  19. Retintin - Lorenzo Barbero
  20. La cumparsita - Jorge Fernandez

Julio De Caro - Tangos de Rompe y Raja

Julio De Caro - Tangos de Rompe y Raja

DBN 495376

Another Julio De Caro CD? What's that about, and what's the strange title?

De rompe y raja is a South American idiom, thought to be a corruption of De rompe y rasga referring to ways of playing the guitar. The phrase is used to describe a really good party - boistrous and high-spirited. Not what we would normally associate with the music of Julio De Caro

In 1949, De Caro returned to the studio after a five year absence, Over the next four years he cut 38 sides. One interpretation of this is that he came out of retirement to show people how tango should be done, but the De Caro revealed here is different to what had gone before. It's De Caro after Osvaldo Pugliese, who has shown him a new way to play his own music. If you are a dancer, these are his best sides. The music swells and soars with a passion we don't associate with this great musician. The one vocal track, Carlos Marcucci's Mi dolor, is just outstanding.

Track list

  1. Copacabana
  2. El monito
  3. Mala junta
  4. Buen aimgo
  5. Boedo
  6. El arranque
  7. Fores negras
  8. Maipo
  9. Aníbal Troilo
  10. De rompe y raja
  11. Recuerdo
  12. Todo corazón
  13. Loca bohemia
  14. Mi dolor
  15. Moulin rouge
  16. Guardia vieja
  17. Tierra querida
  18. Mala pinta
  19. Chiclana
  20. Derecho viejo


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