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Welcome to our Tango Music Club!

Nothing improves your dancing so much as a good feeling for the special qualities of tango music. The idea of the club was to help you build a library of good tango music, tailored to your own tastes.

The club ran for 8 years, from December 2008 to December 2015, but was forced to close because of the reducing supply of tango CDs, itself a consequence of on-line listening (youtube and spotify) and of course copying.

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This month's cds (March 2015):

Osvaldo Pugliese - Instrumentales Inolvidables
Orquestas Olvidadas Vol.1 Tango Collection - Orquesta Típica Victor Tango de los Angeles vol.4

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Osvaldo Pugliese - Instrumentales Inolvidables

Osvaldo Pugliese - Instrumentales Inolvidables

EMI 859023

My research project for 2015 is a book on Osvaldo Pugliese in the "Tango Masters" series. Passionate and intense, Pugliese's unique flavour presents challenges to many dancers, and for these in particular the best place to start is with the earliest tracks. Here the music, although already showing its special qualities, is less differentiated from the other orchestras than it would become. In particular, there is much less use of rubato - the stretching of musical time, that creates problems for the dancer who is used to the steady beat.

There is no CD with all the early instrumentals in perfect fidelity, and baring a miracle there never will be. This CD on Reliquias gives you the first 20 instrumentals in chronological order. The transfers are unprocessed, although unfortunately there is a bit of filtering - be prepared to turn up the treble on your player to get the best from these tracks. The music is simply wonderful - there isn't a poor track.

In the earlier compositions ( El rodeo El remate, Adiós, Bardi ), Pugliese exudes a strong DeCarean flavour, as well as displaying his affection for the composer Agustín Bardi. These are great tracks to play for people who struggle with Pugliese, or think they don't like him. Even experienced dancers often come to ask who the orchestra was when this music is played at the milonga.

Quite rapidly though the music takes on its unique character, with first bandoneón Osvaldo Ruggerio coming to the forefront. Tangos such as Mala pinta and Tiny make me want to scream. I can't understand why they aren't more popular.

Seventy years on, it seems the music still displays more passion that we can cope with.

Track list

  1. El rodeo
  2. Mala junta
  3. Recuerdo
  4. El remate
  5. Tierra querida
  6. El arranque
  7. Adiós, Bardi
  8. Amurado
  9. Mala estampa (Mala pinta)
  10. Raza criolla (El taita)
  11. El paladín
  12. Derecho viejo
  13. Pelele
  14. El monito
  15. Flor de tango
  16. Las marionetas
  17. Tiny
  18. El tábano
  19. Mal de amores
  20. La yumba

Orquestas Olvidadas Vol.1

Orquestas Olvidadas Vol.1

Reliquias 473893

Orquestas olvidadas means forgotten orchestras and when something has been forgotten, you always have to ask yourselves why. On this CD of 50s recordings the answer is mostly because the orchestra arrived on the scene just a little bit late and didn't make that many recordings. In particular, Ricardo Pedevilla, who sounds a bit like a cross between D'Arienzo and Di Sarli, is eye-poppingly good - but unfortunately he only made 24 recordings, and these on the now forgotten Pampa label. On this evidence, he should have a CD of his own. Antonio Rodio is another find but he made even fewer recordings. Jorge Caldara's Lorenzo is a work of genius - soft and strong at the same time.

This CD is a reminder of the strength in depth that existed in Buenos Aires back in those golden years and will have you hungry for more from these artists.

Track list

  1. La cumparsita - Antonio Rodio
  2. Chiqué - Eduardo Del Piano
  3. El caburé - Ricardo Pedevilla
  4. Mal dea amores - Mario Demarco
  5. Sábado inglés - Edgardo Donato
  6. Siete palabras - Ricardo Pedevilla
  7. Lorenzo - Jorge Caldara
  8. El entrerriano - Carlos Demaria
  9. El amanecer - Ricardo Pedevilla
  10. Fuegos artificiales - Edgardo Donato
  11. La rayuela - Eduardo Del Piano
  12. Organito de la tarde - Ricardo Pedevilla
  13. El negro pintos - Alfredo Attadia
  14. Bienvenida - Mario Demarco
  15. El pollo Ricardo - Ricardo Pedevilla
  16. El chupete - Edgardo Donato
  17. El irresistible - Jorge Caldara
  18. El incendio - Ricardo Pedevilla
  19. Retintin - Lorenzo Barbero
  20. La cumparsita - Jorge Fernandez

Tango Collection - Orquesta Típica Victor

Tango Collection - Orquesta Típica Victor

RGS 1642

This great CD of the Orquesta Típica Victor is now the only one available. The album is generous at 23 tracks and there is lots of material that wasn't issued on EURO, including their rare version of El amanecer. Fabulous! If you like the old style music, this is for you.

Track list

  1. Retintín
  2. La cumparsita
  3. Viejo rincón
  4. La payanca
  5. Flor de tango
  6. Re fa si
  7. De mi barrio
  8. Adiós muchachos
  9. Tradición
  10. La sonámbula
  11. Fumando espero
  12. Puente Alsina
  13. Chorra
  14. Dominio
  15. El porteñito
  16. Niño bien
  17. Coqueta
  18. El choclo
  19. La rosarina
  20. El chamuyo
  21. Bailarías
  22. El amanecer
  23. Libertad

Tango de los Angeles vol.4

D'Agostino/Vargas - Tango de los Angeles vol.4

BMG 63338

The fourth and final album of BMG's 4 disc set of the understated music of the two angels, Angel D'Agostino and his vocalist Angel Vargas. D'Agostino pulled off a trick what was impossible for everyone else in the 1940s: making music that was subtle and spacious, yet still full of rhythmic interest for the dancers.

Exploring a four album set can be much like listening to the end of a 20 track CD. The attention starts to wander before the end and we end up missing some great tracks. It's the same with this fourth disc.

As if to purposefully put us off, the album opens with a transfer of 1955's Café Dominguez that will disappoint anyone who has heard the version on Euro Records taken from the original tape master. After this though the album is packed with little-known tracks of five star quality, focussing on the years 1942-1945. Let's hope that tracks such as Caricias, Gorriones and many other fine tracks will soon be heard much more frequently than they are now

Track list

  1. Café Dominguez
  2. Caricias
  3. Cuando se ha querido mucho
  4. Cantando olvidaré
  5. Dice un refrán
  6. Menta y cedrón
  7. De salto y carta
  8. Mi viejo barrio
  9. Guitarra que llora
  10. Gorriones
  11. La nueva vecina
  12. Me llaman tango
  13. Rosita la santiagueña
  14. Poncho del olvido
  15. Camino del Tucumán
  16. Con sabor a tango
  17. La carreta
  18. El cornetín del tranvía
  19. Cardo azul
  20. No aflojés

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