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Welcome to our Tango Music Club!

Nothing improves your dancing so much as a good feeling for the special qualities of tango music. The idea of the club was to help you build a library of good tango music, tailored to your own tastes.

The club ran for 8 years, from December 2008 to December 2015, but was forced to close because of the reducing supply of tango CDs, itself a consequence of on-line listening (youtube and spotify) and of course copying.

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This month's cds (May 2015):

Ricardo Malerba / José García - Grabaciones Olvidades
Original Tangos - Bianco-Bachicha Rafael Rossi - Bailando en la estancia grande Boleros Inolvidables

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Ricardo Malerba / José García - Grabaciones Olvidades

Ricardo Malerba / José García - Grabaciones Olvidades

Reliquias 541701

The infamous lime-green and yellow covers don't get any uglier than this one, a visual impression that stays with you even once you know that the dreary scene depicted is the waterfront in the legendary barrio of La Boca. Maybe it's a plot to stop you buying this cd.

Presented here are two orchestras that were for many years less well known, for reasons of history rather than quality. Perhaps you have heard of José García y sos zorros grises (José García and his grey foxes), who takes the second half of this CD, as there was a commercial release of him from El Bandoneón in 2000. Prior to this, there were 2 cds on private Japanese labels.

José García's orchestra didn't play much outside it's own barrio, and that's why he's not much known today. Something like a cross between Tanturi and Di Sarli, the playing and arrangements are just first class.

Another rare flower now is the orchestra of Ricardo Malerba. Not now considered one of the top tier, the simplicity of the arrangements can't compete with, say, Miguel Caló, but it's great to dance to and has made its way onto the playlists of those looking for something different but still danceable.

Just get one: it's our top recommendation this month

Track list

Ricardo Malerba (canta: Orlando Medina)
  1. Embrujamiento
  2. Remembranza
  3. Gitana rusa
  4. Ninguna
  5. Ropa blanca
  6. Mi taza de café
  7. Pasado florido
  8. Tres amigos
  9. La piba de los jazmines
  10. Sollozos
José García (canta:Alfredo Rojas)
  1. Esta noche de luna
  2. Tristeza marina
  3. Préstame tu pañuelo vals
  4. Felicita
  5. El once
  6. Fea
  7. A lo mejor quién te dice
  8. Junto a tu corazón
  9. Farolito de papel
  10. Hula la misteriosa milonga candombe

Bianco Bachicha - Original Tangos

Bianco Bachicha - Original Tangos

EPM 995302

An extremely rare CD of one of the best orchestras that played in Paris in the late 1920s, certainly the best that stayed rather than making a tour. Bianco and Bachicha, the two principals, led lives that today seem to us the stuff of fantasy. Their association was shortlived but produced some wonderful and unique music.

You may not think you know Eduardo Bianco, but you do. He wrote the lyrics of Poema. Bandoneonista Bachicha was the nickname of Juan Deambroggio, who after early successes with the great names of the 1910s - Firpo, Maffia and others - decided to live out his professional life in Europe. Together they formed the Bianco-Bachicha orchestra which opened the Cabaret Palermo in the legendary 'El Garron'. Also in the band was guitarist Horacio Pettorossi, who is remoured to be the real author of the tango Bandoneón arrabalero, a huge hit at the time that was recorded by Gardel. The band was creative and successful, breaking up in 1928 when these men decided to go their separate ways.

Naturally the music has a European sensibility but the quality of both the musicians and the repertoire (much of it composed by band members) makes it much more interesting than the others. Fantastic melancholic singing from Juan Raggi, and César Alberu brings off No te quiero más much more convincingly than Jorge Valdes will later manage with Juan D'Arienzo. Really a super CD.

Track list

  1. La cumparsita
  2. Crepuscolo
  3. Bandoneón arrabalero
  4. Vidalita
  5. Perjura
  6. No te quiero más
  7. Plegaria
  8. Siempre
  9. Samitier
  10. Angustia
  11. Recuerdo
  12. Tengo ganas de llorar
  13. Oro muerto
  14. Quebracho
  15. Paso lento
  16. Enfermita mía
  17. Negro
  18. Pato
  19. Desilusión
  20. Spaventa
  21. Aserrín-aserrán


Rafael Rossi - Bailando en la estancia grande

Rafael Rossi - Bailando en la estancia grande

EMI 379178

Following the popularity of the CD of música campera (country music) by Felipe Antonio that we brought to you last September (admittedly it has a prettier cover) here's an album by the man recognised as the greatest in the genre, Rafael Rossi.

Rossi was a member of the huge orchestra assembled by Canaro and Firpo for the carnivals of 1920 and he was a significant composer - the classic Jueves comes from his pen. However he always leaned towards folk themes, perhaps influenced by the decision of Odeón - who had Firpo for their tango recordings - to offer him a contract recording country music.

Here Rossi, backed by guitars, leads the group from his bandoneón. The music is light, charming and unpretentious. As tango dancers, the valses are of the most interest. There are many that you won't know, but you may recognise Con tu mirar (Canaro, Rodríguez) and Visión celeste (D'Arienzo).

Dig a little deeper and other tracks become more familiar too. En un bosque de la China was recorded as a rumba by Rodríguez and also by José García The especially studious may know the polca El viejito del acordeón from the much better known version by Canaro - it was also recorded by Lomuto.

Limited stock

Track list

  1. Bella morena paso doble
  2. Ciudad de Córdoba vals
  3. Debajo del parral ranchera
  4. Bailando el fox-trot fox-trot
  5. Con tu mirar vals
  6. Se baila en la estancia grande ranchera
  7. Quita penas paso doble
  8. Isabelfox-trot
  9. Cadenita de amor ranchera
  10. El viejito del acordeón ranchera
  11. Viaje a Arguello vals
  12. Camino al Don fox-trot
  13. La chica del 17 paso doble
  14. Visión celeste vals
  15. Me enamoré una vezranchera
  16. En un bosque de la China fox-trot
  17. En un rincón de Sevilla paso doble
  18. Hacele un rulo a la novia ranchera
  19. Coplas y toros paso doble

Boleros Inolvidables

Boleros Inolvidables

Reliquias 473898

We all know that tango was not the only music in Buenos Aires. Jazz and swing were widespread, but there was also Cuban music. Cuban bands worked in the cruise ships that plied the coasts of South America and it wasn't long before their music arrived in Buenos Aires.

This CD presents the best of the Argentine artists performing in the genre. The level is really high - these bands sound very similar to Cuban bands from the same period. You may even know some of these tracks: Dos gardenias was one of the songs brought to a new audience by the legendary Ibrahim Ferrer

Track list

  1. Una mujer - Gregorio Barrios
  2. Final - Gregorio Barrios
  3. Somos - Gregorio Barrios
  4. Deuda - Leo Marini
  5. Llanto de luna - Leo Marini
  6. Diez años - Leo Marini
  7. Mi carta - Hugo Marini
  8. Amorosamente - Hugo Marini
  9. Verdad amarga - Hugo Marini
  10. Así - Genaro Salinas
  11. Celos - Genaro Salinas
  12. Ansiedad - Genaro Salinas
  13. Dos gardenias - Fernando Albuerne
  14. Cosas pequenas - Fernando Albuerne
  15. Pecado - Fernando Albuerne
  16. Nosotros - Fernando Torres
  17. Hilos de plata - Fernando Torres
  18. Toda una vida (estaría contigo) - Fernando Torres
  19. Dos almas - Gregorio Barrios
  20. Inolvidable - Gregorio Barrios

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