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Welcome to our Tango Music Club!

Nothing improves your dancing so much as a good feeling for the special qualities of tango music. The idea of the club was to help you build a library of good tango music, tailored to your own tastes.

The club ran for 8 years, from December 2008 to December 2015, but was forced to close because of the reducing supply of tango CDs, itself a consequence of on-line listening (youtube and spotify) and of course copying.

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This month's cds (August 2015):

Quinteto Don Pancho - Viejos tangos de mi flor
Aníbal Troilo - Ineditos (1963-1964) Hugo Diáz: Tangos Miguel Caló - Sus éxitos con Raúl Iriarte vol.2

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Quinteto Don Pancho - Viejos tangos de mi flor

Osvaldo Pugliese - éxitos con Morán y Chanel

Reliquias 595154

Quinteto Don Pancho was the original name of Canaro's Quinteto Pirincho, the quintet he formed in 1937 to make studio recordings of guardia vieja material and thus cash in on the D'Arienzo craze.

As so often, the earlier material is the best and that's why I am not offering you the beautiful CD on the French label The Masters Of Tango, pictured right. Instead, you get those lime and yellow covers, but trust me, this is the best Quinteto Pirincho CD on offer. The music is fresh, light, and fun.

Track list

  1. El choclo
  2. Rodriguez Pena
  3. Derecho viejo
  4. Don Esteban
  5. Zorro gris
  6. La clavada
  7. El pollo Ricardo
  8. Champagne tango
  9. El alacrán
  10. El garrón
  11. La viruta
  12. Marianito
  13. El flete
  14. El irresistible
  15. El ciruja
  16. La rezongona
  17. Gloria
  18. Cuando llora la milonga
  19. Loca
  20. Quejas de bandoneón

Aníbal Troilo - Ineditos (1963-1964)

Aníbal Troilo - Ineditos (1964)

CDMSE 5072

Very rare material from 1963-1964, with unreleased tracks, radio recordings, and a fascinating 20 minute rehearsal (ensayo in Spanish) of Madreselva with the singer Nelly Vazquez - a real insight into the workings of an orchestra, and of Troilo's special relationship with his singers.

limited stock

Track list

  1. Recordando a Discépolo
  2. El motivo
  3. Barrio de tango
  4. La bordona
  5. Vieja viola
  6. Danzarín
  7. Milonguita
  8. María
  9. Fragmentos de un ensayo de Aníbal Troilo
  10. Madreselva


Hugo Diáz: Tangos

Hugo Diáz - Tangos

Hugo Díaz is the Argentine harmonic player whose work you sometimes hear played towards the end of the a milonga. His playing is passionate, expressive and committed - at times tender, at times attacking the instrument violently.

The three Hugo Diáz en Buenos Aires lps he recorded in the early 1970s remain unavailable, but Aqua have reissued his album Homenage a Gardel under the title Tangos - a reminder that he was first and foremost a folkmore musician, even though that's not what he is remembered for outside Argentina today. All the tracks are Gardel numbers.

This may not be Hugo Diáz en Buenos Aires, but it is still great stuff.

limited stock

Track list

  1. Mano a mano
  2. Mi Buenos Aires querido
  3. Melodía de arrabal
  4. Soledad
  5. Amores de esudiante
  6. Cuesta abajo
  7. Volver
  8. Volvió una noche
  9. Guitarra mía
  10. Por una cabeza
  11. Silencio
  12. Arrabal amargo

Miguel Caló - Sus éxitos con Raúl Iriarte vol.2

EMI 499970

Like volume 1, this album is split equally between material from pre and post 1945, and hte break up of Caló's "orchestra of the stars". The later tracks can be a little boring, but the earlier ones are exquisite - the CD is worth it just for Maderna's piano introduction to Mañana iré temprano. Essential.

Track list

  1. Lluvia de abril
  2. Mañana no estarás
  3. Flor de lino vals
  4. Mañana iré temprano
  5. Margo
  6. Trapitos milonga
  7. Tarde gris
  8. Los despojos
  9. Me duele el corazón vals
  10. Cada día te extraño más
  11. Gime el viento
  12. Bien criolla y bien porteña milonga
  13. Madalit
  14. Mi tango es triste
  15. No te olvides de mi, corazón vals
  16. Cosas de tango
  17. Orquestas de mi ciudad
  18. El desafío milonga
  19. Fantasma
  20. De seis a siete

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