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Buenos Aires Tango Club

Serie Orquestas

Here we review the CDs in the Serie Orquestas, one of the series of the Argentine Buenos Aires Tango Club's non-commerical label Serie Ententidos.


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This series, like all the house labels of BATC, is not commercially available. Please don't ask us to get them for you.

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Donato - Zerrillo "De Madrugada" 1929-1930


For many years, Edgardo Donato worked with his friend Roberto Zerrillo. Although Donato made his first recordings under his own name as early as 1929, they continued to record together until 1930, Zerrillo separating from him definitively in 1931 in order to tour Spain with the singer Azucena Maizani, with whom he had become romantically involved.

Whilst there's nothing to say that this tango story didn't have a happy ending, on the evidence of this CD I can't help but wish that they'd played together a little longer, because this is wonderful music. Zerrillo's influence on his friend is clearly audible. He is also a playful musician, but a more sophisticated and lyrical than one than his friend. The result is something of a cross between Donato and the Canaro of this period. rating:

music: 5 stars fidelity: 5 stars

Track list

  1. La cumparsita
  2. Seguí, no te pares
  3. Luces de la tarde
  4. Dolores
  5. Desentante
  6. Sirvame caña
  7. Adiós mujer
  8. Siluetas de la tarde
  9. De milonga corrida
  10. Pega pega
  11. Hasta cuando
  12. Huerfanitos de la vida
  13. Qué querés con ese loro
  14. Venga viejo
  15. Zafa de la marrazón
  16. Yo quiero casarme
  17. Lisandro
  18. De madrugada
  19. Polilla
  20. Porqué se fue
  21. Virgencita de Pompeya
  22. Deschavate
  23. Se va la vida

Agustín Magaldi (1)
Luis Díaz (2,11,12,13,16,21,23)

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