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Orquesta Típica Victor

Orquesta Típica Victor

The Orquesta Típica Victor was the house band of the Victor record label. In those days, all tango musicians were contracted to one of a very small number of record labels. As time went on, the smaller ones such as Colombia, Brunswick, Pampa and Electra either went bust or were acquired by one of the big two: RCA Victor and Max Glucksmann's Odeón. Odeón never had a house band, but then they had Canaro : )

The story of the Típica Victor begins in 1925 when the pianist Adolfo Carabelli, artistic director of the Victor company in Argentina, decided to form the orchestra to plug the gap left by the defection of Osvaldo Fresedo to the Brunswick label. His first line-up included some great names including Ciríaco Ortíz and Luis Petrucelli on bandoneón, the latter being given the job of orchestra leader. The directorship passed to the bandoneonista Federico Scorticati in 1936 and then briefly to the pianist Mario Maurano in 1943, before the orchestra was disbanded in 1944.

During these years the orchestra more than 449 recordings - the exact number is hard to determine, because often they were backing a singer and appeared under that singer's name.

The Típica Victor never appeared in public, being created exclusively for recording purposes, but they had a highly danceable style which also displayed the brilliance of its soloists - something of especial significance in the early 1930s when Julio De Caro was beginning to lose his way.

Recommended CDs

cover artworkAlthough the really splendid CDs from El Bandoneón and RCA Victor 100 Años are now out-of-print (mostly - see below), Euro Records have two wonderful Típica Victor cds, and there's a more recent one from Tango Collection

cover artwork The first release, EU 17014, has some similarities to the RCA Victor 100 Años cd it effectively replaces, including the unique, must have version of El porteñito in 4x4 time (rather than the 2x4 versions of D'Arienzo, Firpo and even D'Agostino). It also has three wonderful tracks with the singer Angel Vargas.

The second release, EU 17021, contains their uniquely charming version of Recuerdo and many other excellent tracks.

RGS have printed an OTV CD in their Tango Collection series which presents a lot of material we haven't heard for a while at a bargain price.

Amazingly, this el bandoneón CD (OTV 1926-1940, EBCD-85) is still available. Contact us if you are interested. Lots of unique material.

We aim to stock all these CDs, but right now the Euro Records CDs are out-of-print

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