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Tango Holiday in Italy, May 2013

Would you like to come and dance tango with us in Italy?

Your teachers

Michael and Siobhan are regular teachers at the Tango Mango in Devon (UK), Taboe Camp in Holland, and the Tangkademy in Hampshire (UK). This is their fourth year leading holidays to beautiful, natural locations in continental Europe.

They are known for their gentle, humourous, patient approach and love this type of concentrated teaching where they can help you to develop your dancing in a progressive manner.

The excellent lessons with Michael and Siobhan were really enjoyable as well as informative and we feel they have helped our tango improve by a huge step.
- B & M
I just wanted to reiterate what I said yesterday about what a fantastic time I had this weekend. I can't think of a single thing that could have been better... Siobhan and Michael were inspirational teachers.
- J.
I really enjoyed your tango weekend. I found both of your teaching inspiring and a lot of fun. You make a good team.
- J.E.

genuine unsolicited feedback from the TangKademy, January 2010.

Michael Lavocah is a highly experienced tango teacher and dancer (18 years), regularly invited to dance camps in England and the Netherlands. His teaching emphasizes dancing as a natural and joyful activity, focussing on musicality and body awareness. He knows tango music inside out and brings this depth of knowledge into his lessons with passion, humour, simplicity and clarity. Michael also works internationally as a tango DJ.

As well as working within tango, Michael has been playing and teaching Tai Chi for 20 years and is a craniosacral therapist in private practice. These fields inform and enhance his approach to the body within tango dance.

Siobhan has danced Argentine tango for more than 10 years and since 2007 has taught with several partners under the name of her school Las Rosas del Tango. Her teaching focusses on the connection between the dancers and with the music, and the subtlety of movement that comes from relaxing into the dance.

Besides her tango school, Siobhan is also a body psychoterapist in private practice.


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