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EMI "Reliquias" - 5th release

Autumn 2000 saw the fifth set of tango releases on Reliquias (529xxx): 20 new tango discs heavily featuring their favourite artists De Angelis (3 discs), Pugliese (2 discs) and Biagi (2 discs). However there are also fantastic discs of Pedro Láurenz and Lucio Demare. These discs look certain to be big sellers.

There are also two discs of the hitherto hard to find Florindo Sassone and a disc of the tangos of Enrique Rodriguez with his best singer Armando Moreno.

Two more discs of Canaro's Quinteto Pirincho bring us more of their 1950s output with a further disc shared with Firpo consisting entirely of milongas. A further disc dedicated entirely to Firpo is split equally between tangos and valses.

There are also discs from Sexteto Mayor, Héctor Varela and Mariano Mores.

All these discs are available from us priced £9. Certain titles we keep in stock and the rest are available to special order.

Catalogue of the Releases

Alfredo de Angelis - Sus éxitos con Julio Martel vol.2

EMI 529103

Solid De Angelis from the 1940s with Julio Martel. Excellent transfers.

Track list

  1. Rosicler
  2. Altar sin luz
  3. Melodía gris
  4. Ivón
  5. Aquí he venido a cantar
  6. Rendido
  7. Por eso grito
  8. Yo también carrero fuí
  9. Sigan tomando muchachos
  10. Una carta
  11. Entrá si miedo hermana
  12. Yo también reí
  13. Misa de once
  14. Adiós muchachos
  15. No te perdono más
  16. La limosna
  17. Esa noche vals
  18. El santo de la espada milonga
  19. El mayoral del tranvía milonga
  20. Pa' que te voy a contar milonga

Enrique Rodríguez - Tangos con Armando Moreno

EMI 529105

Argentina's reply to El Bandoneón's Rodriguez / Moreno CD, EBCD-101. Compared to that disc we get the superb Llorar por una mujer but, having included Son cosas del bandoneón on an earlier release, Reliquias omit it here. Every track is danceable - wonderful stuff

Track list

  1. Naranjo en flor
  2. La vi llegar
  3. Luna llena
  4. A media luz
  5. Tango argentino
  6. Un tropezón
  7. El tabernero
  8. La gayola
  9. Suerte loca
  10. Llorar por una mujer
  11. Como has cambiado pebeta
  12. En la buena y en la mala
  13. Mi piba
  14. Adiós para siempre
  15. Mirame de frente
  16. Tu cielo y tu
  17. Adiós muchachos
  18. Tu intimo secreto
  19. Y así nació este tango
  20. Yo también tuve un cariño

Alfredo De Angelis - Ruíz-Martel-Dante: sus priméros vocalistas

EMI 529106

I've always hard a soft spot for De Angelis' very early recordings, particularly those with Floreal Ruíz, so I'm especially pleased by this disc which gathers all eight cuts together for the first time on a single CD. Also presented are other lovely early sides from Julio Martel and Carlos Dante including the very first side De Angelis ever cut, Que Buena Es, recorded with Julio Martel on 23/7/1943. The "B" side of that '78 was Floreal Ruíz's Marioneta. Of the other tracks with Ruíz the melodramatic Como se muere de amor (How One Dies Of Love), with its spoken introduction, and in particular Déjame así (Let Me Be) are superb.

Track list

  1. Marioneta
  2. Cero al as
  3. Dejame así
  4. Mi novia de ayer vals
  5. La guitarrera milonga
  6. Madre
  7. Como se muere de amor
  8. Bajo el Cono azul
  9. Ya se que siguen hablando
  10. Buenos Aires de ayer milonga
  11. Que buena es
  12. Va llegando gente al baile
  13. Acordes porteños
  14. La mañana milonga
  15. Melenita de oro
  16. No me importa su amor
  17. Cuando tu me quieras
  18. Cruz de palo
  19. El tropero del amor
  20. El vals de nochebuena vals


Floreal Ruíz (1 al 8); Julio Martel (9 al 14); Carlos Dante (15 al 20)

Osvaldo Pugliese - Sus cantores de los '50: Vidal, Cobos y Montero

EMI 529108

This disc presents Pugliese's singers of the 1950s: Jorge Vidal, whom we know from one of the very early El Bandoneón releases (EBCD 5), as well as the less known Juan Carlos Cobos and Miguel Montero, generally known only for his great hit Antiguo Reloj de Cobre. The bulk of the work of these last two singers will be reaching the public for the first time, even in Argentina. Montero in particular is a magnificent singer and the interpretations presented here are sure to find a firm place in the public's affections, particularly Acquaforte.

Turning back to Juan Carlos Cobos we find a singer who has been largely forgotten. Cobos is possessed of an extraordinary pianissimo which draws you into his performances, but when he finally erupts his bass-baritone voice lacks the outright power of the singers with whom history has bracketed him. I found myself wondering how Cobos would have sounded with the Pugliese orchestra of the 1940s; in the present company he can sound a little underpowered, but this is music that grows on you.

Looking over the disc as a whole, then, it presents much new material to us, but it's one of life's strange quirks that the great El Bandoneón Pugliese/Vidal disc, which has only ten tracks, has a completeness about it which somehow makes it more satisfying. Think of this as the same cd with bonus tracks and you'll approcah it in the right frame of mind.

Track list

  1. Puente Alsina
  2. La cieguita
  3. Testamento de arrabal
  4. Ventanita de arrabal
  5. Vieja recova
  6. Porque canto el tango
  7. Barra querida
  8. Un baile a beneficio milonga
  9. Milonguera
  10. Olvidao
  11. Es preciso que te vayas
  12. Picaneao
  13. No es más que yo
  14. Te aconsejo que me olvides
  15. Antiguo reloj de cobre
  16. Que te pasa Buenos Aires
  17. Cacha viaje
  18. Gurisa
  19. Acquaforte
  20. Dicha pasada


Jorge Vidal (1 al 8); Juan Carlos Cobos (9 al 14); Miguel Montero (15 al 20)

Alfredo De Angelis - Sus éxitos con Carlos Dante

EMI 529109

This is actually the second volume of Carlos Dante with De Angelis on Reliquias. Solid 1940s De Angelis which collectors, DJs and De Angelis fans will snap up immediately.

Track list

  1. La brisa
  2. Mocosita
  3. Carnaval
  4. Soy un arlequín
  5. Mano a mano
  6. Lunes
  7. En la noche de tus ojos
  8. Para que te quiero tanto
  9. Con alma de tango
  10. Que lindo es enamorarse
  11. Vieja luna
  12. Para mi lo mismo da
  13. Sirva otra copa
  14. Así es Ninón
  15. Alelí
  16. Con la otra
  17. Sentencia
  18. Justicia criolla
  19. Allá en el bajo
  20. Ilusión azul vals

Pedro Láurenz - Creaciones inolvidables con Podestá y Bermudez

EMI 529110

The magnificently inventive Pedro Láurenz has been very difficult to find; this CD is only the fourth ever to be released, and one of the first two (on Disco Latina) has already been deleted! The El Bandoneón disc (EBCD-82) gave us an excellent overview of his oeuvre with both instrumentals and vocal numbers; this disc concentrates on the vocalists Alberto Podestá and Carlos Bermudez. This is because Láurenz only signed to the Odeón label in 1943 but, whatever the reason, it means that the two discs have very little overlap and compliment one another very nicely.

With Láurenz Podestá sounds far more refined than he does with Di Sarli or even Caló and his interpretations presented here such as Alma de Bohemio, Recien and Que Nunca Me Falta are amongst his very finest work.

Carlos Bermudez is another fine vocalist with a sensitive, refined and romantic style well suited to Láurenz. The fact that he was a relatively minor vocalist in the Buenos Aires of the 1940s reminds one of the musical depth that the city enjoyed at that time. His voice lacks the resonance of Podestá but what little he lacks on technical side he more than makes up for in his interpretations. Here he transforms the simple lyric of Lleuve Otra Vez (It’s Raining Again) into a masterpiece and he is never less than moving in any of these performances.

The recordings presented on this disc may lack the sheer drive of Láurenz’ earliest recordings, which is nothing more than the fashion of the time as the D’Arienzo revolution was assimilated and tempi began to fall back, but in terms of the quality and invention that were Láurenz’ hallmarks it lacks for nothing. This is a superb CD.

Track list

  1. Alma de bohemio
  2. Garúa
  3. Recién
  4. Que nunca me falte
  5. Patria mía
  6. Yo quiero cantar un tango
  7. Como el hornero
  8. Todo
  9. Muchachos mi último tango
  10. Paisaje vals
  11. Yo soy de San Telmo milonga
  12. Maldonado milonga
  13. El criollito oriental milonga
  14. Más solo que nunca
  15. Me están sobrando las penas
  16. Nada más que un corazón
  17. Llueve otra vez Tango canción
  18. La madrugada
  19. Temblando vals
  20. Milonga de mis amores milonga


Alberto Podestá (1 al 13); Carlos Bermudez (14 al 19)

Rodolfo Biagi - Sus éxitos con Acuña, Lago y Amor

EMI 529111

This disc, the fifth Biagi disc on Reliquias, heavily features Carlos Acuña, who gets twelve tracks here, with four more each from Alberto Lago and Alberto Amor. Yo tengo un puñal is another brilliant Biagi arrangement with delightful interplay amongst the bandoneons. My favourite tracks though are those with Alberto Amor: Lisón, a very unusual arrangement, Como el hornero and in particular Adiós pampa mía, to which Biagi imparts all his rhythmic gifts without ever losing sight of the melody. A good disc, although other Biagi albums will claim your attention first

Track list

  1. Uno
  2. A la luz del candil
  3. Barrio reo
  4. Lonjazos
  5. Yo tengo un puñal
  6. Canción de rango
  7. Adiós te vas
  8. Tu voz
  9. Sosiego en la noche
  10. A suerte y verdad
  11. Soy del 90
  12. Sueño de juventud vals
  13. Arrebato
  14. Te odio
  15. Metido
  16. No puede ser
  17. Lisón
  18. Mis amores de ayer
  19. Como el hornero
  20. Adiós pampa mía

Carlos Acuña (1 al 12); Alberto Lago (13 al 16); Alberto Amor (17 al 20)

Osvaldo Pugliese - Sus éxitos con Alberto Morán vol.2

EMI 529112

Massively popular with the public, especially the ladies, Morán is never short on drama. This disc has all the power of the first volume; tracks such as No Quiero Perderte (I Don’t Want To Lose You) - Morán’s own lyric - will leave you every bit as limp in your seat as you have come to expect. Morán also covers material which had already become identified with other vocalists: Campos’s Que Nunca Me Falta, Castillo’s La Última Copa, Vargas’s Ahora No Me Conoces.

Reliquias also include Porque and El Mareo, the only tracks sung a duo with both Chanel and Morán, which were previously missing from their catalogue.

Morán's most famous and important hits are all on volume 1 but this does not in the least detract from the quality of this disc.

Track list

  1. La última copa
  2. Que nunca me falte
  3. Ahora no me conocés
  4. Llevatelo todo
  5. No quiero perderte
  6. Quiero verte una vez más
  7. Llámame
  8. Porque no te tengo más
  9. El mareo
  10. Dejame en paz
  11. Dos ojos tristes
  12. Hoy al recordarla
  13. Cafetín
  14. Desilusión
  15. En secreto
  16. Manos adoradas vals
  17. Por qué ?
  18. Por qué no has venido?
  19. La noche que me esperes vals
  20. Dos que se aman vals

Sexteto Mayor - Tangos para exignetes

EMI 529113

Track list

  1. Recuerdo
  2. La cachila
  3. Amurado
  4. Taconeando
  5. Mal de amores
  6. Silbando
  7. Quejas de bandoneón
  8. Inspiración
  9. Canaro en París
  10. Halcón negro
  11. Orgullo criollo
  12. Hotel Victoria
  13. Caminito
  14. Uno
  15. Nostalgias
  16. La casita de mis viejos
  17. A media luz
  18. El choclo
  19. Tecleando
  20. La cumparsita

Quinteto Pirincho - Tangos del tiempo viejo vol.2

EMI 529114

Second volume of Reliquias' reissue's of the Quinteto Pirincho's 1950's recordings.

Track list

  1. La payanca
  2. El pollo Ricardo
  3. Criolla linda
  4. El triunfo
  5. Buen amigo
  6. Don Goyo
  7. El pollito
  8. El porteñito
  9. Boedo
  10. Tana linda
  11. Mala junta
  12. Zorro gris
  13. Marianito
  14. El talar
  15. Derecho viejo
  16. El pardo Cejas
  17. Recordando el 900
  18. Joaquina
  19. El apache argentino
  20. El irresistible

Florindo Sassone - Bien milonguero vol.2

EMI 529128

Second volume of Sassone's late instrumentals. See the review for the first volume.

Track list

  1. Fuegos artificiales
  2. El chamuyo
  3. La viruta
  4. Cuando llora la milonga
  5. Duelo criollo
  6. El llorón
  7. A media luz
  8. Organito de la tarde
  9. El pañuelito
  10. Yira yira
  11. Derecho viejo
  12. Una noche de garufa
  13. La cumparsita
  14. Don Juan
  15. Danzarín
  16. El amanecer
  17. A la gran muñeca
  18. La tablada
  19. El relámpago
  20. Felicia

Mariano Mores - Tangos para bailar

EMI 529129

Track list

  1. Rodriguez Peña
  2. Sábado inglés
  3. Felicia
  4. El internado
  5. El pollo Ricardo
  6. El monito
  7. La guitarra
  8. Retintín
  9. El africano
  10. Derecho viejo
  11. Alma de bohemio
  12. El buey solo
  13. Retirao
  14. El pollito
  15. Color de rosa
  16. La viruta
  17. Canaro
  18. El chamuyo
  19. Lorenzo
  20. Don Esteban

Héctor Varela - Instrumentales incomparables

EMI 529131

Varela was D'Arienzo's first bandoneón for many years, and when he finally split he surprised everyone by creating his own style. He alloys the D'Arienzo compás to a more spacious feel reminiscent of Di Sarli. These arrangements from the mid 1960s are more International than Argentine in style.

Track list

  1. La morocha
  2. Ojos negros
  3. El amanecer
  4. La cachila
  5. La viruta
  6. El pollo Ricardo
  7. El caburé
  8. Buen amigo
  9. Milongueando en el 40
  10. Comme il faut
  11. Retirao
  12. El marne
  13. La maleva
  14. Guapeando
  15. Pa' que se luzca la orquesta
  16. Don Antonio
  17. Palomita blanca vals
  18. Pabellón de las rosas vals
  19. La puñalada milonga
  20. De vuelta y media milonga

Lucio Demare - Sus éxitos con Miranda, Berón y Quintana

EMI 529132

This disc, which presents three of Demare's vocalsits, enters a very sparsely populated field for there are only three other discs of Demare readily available: the superb El Bandoneón disc (EBCD 5) and two others on Reliquias - one in the previous set of releases, featuring Raúl Berón alone, and another of his early hits released more recently.

The disc opens with the great Malena, Demare’s own composition with a lyric by Homero Manzi. The same combination brings us the milonga Negra Maria, one of four milongas on this disc. The vocalist on both tracks is the brilliant Juan Carlos Miranda, an outstanding interpreter with a beautiful tone. Whilst Raul Berón achieved enormous fame and professional success, I find his cool, restrained tones better suited to his work with Miguel Caló; when it comes to the warmth of Demare’s orchestra, I find Miranda puts Caló in the shade; no mean feat, but one he accomplishes effortlessly. For me he is beyond doubt Demare’s best vocalist. Whatever happened to this wonderful man?

Miranda is also the vocalist for the previously unreleased No Te Apures Cara Blanca. With its combination of romance and melancholy this is another outstanding interpretation and, as with Malena, could hardly be more different to the other recording which has come down to us, that of Troilo with Fiorentino. Turning to the tracks with Horacio Quintana, Igual Que Un Bandoneón is another masterpiece. Torrente is also very good and Oriente, with its mock oriental arrangement, is also sure to find a place in play-lists.

The 78s are very clean and the transfers good but Reliquias have applied a bit of filtering to clean up the hiss, which reduces the emotional impact of the strings and the vocalist: turn up the treble and things suddenly sound much better. Only this prevents this disc from displacing the El Bandoneón Demare offering as the disc of choice.

Don’t get me wrong - these is a very good disc indeed, and I recommend it - DJs everywhere should snap it up immediately - but I think that the transfers on the old El Bandoneón disc have the edge.

Track list

  1. Malena
  2. Al compás del tango
  3. No te apures carablanca
  4. Negra María milonga
  5. El naranjerito milonga
  6. Baile de los Domingos
  7. Vieja ribera
  8. Me llaman el zorro
  9. Se fué vals
  10. Carnavalito milonga
  11. Torrente
  12. El aguacero
  13. Nos encontramos al pasar
  14. Igual que un bandoneón
  15. Oriente
  16. Solamente ella
  17. Están sonando las ocho
  18. Alhucema
  19. Dos corazones vals
  20. Señores yo soy del centro milonga

Juan Carlos Miranda (1 al 5); Raúl Berón (6 al 10); Horacio Quintana (11 al 20)

Roberto Firpo - Tangos y valsecitos

EMI 529133

This album of Firpo is split equally between tangos and valses. Many of the waltzes are taken at very slow tempos - a charming and original disc.

Track list

  1. El apronte
  2. El moro
  3. Estoy penando
  4. El bisturí
  5. El tío soltero
  6. Montevideo
  7. Z Club
  8. Lo que está bien, está bien
  9. Va dar que hablar
  10. El once
  11. Siempre te recuerdo vals
  12. Noches de frío vals
  13. Hacia ti va mi alma vals
  14. Ondas sonoras vals
  15. Sueño florido vals
  16. Recordando el pasado vals
  17. Recordándote vals
  18. Para las chicas vals
  19. Entre los ceibos vals
  20. Eternamente vals

Quinteto Pirincho - Tangos del teimpo viejo vol.3

EMI 529134

Third volume of Reliquias' reissue's of the Quinteto Pirincho's 1950's recordings.

Track list

  1. Canaro
  2. El once
  3. El gavilán
  4. El pillín
  5. Pan nuestro
  6. Pimienta
  7. Nueve puntos
  8. Jueves
  9. Alfredo
  10. Tierra negra
  11. La barra fuerte
  12. A la gran muñeca
  13. La quebrada
  14. La maleva
  15. Charamusca
  16. Los indios
  17. El chamuyo
  18. En el séptimo cielo
  19. A su majestad
  20. El favorito Tango milonga

Roberto Biagi - Sus éxitos con Hugo Duval, Carlos Heredia, Carlos Saavedra y Alberto Amor

EMI 529139

The second Baigi disc in this set of releases brings us Biagi’s later vocalists Hugo Duval, Carlos Heredia and Carlos Saavedra, with four tracks from Alberto Amor as filler. It's not a catchy title which should make you suspicious, but Reliquias have an ace up their sleeve: the stunning milonga Por La Huella, a classic Biagi milonga which has you feeling you’ve known it for ever.Despite this, and three more waltzes from Amor, this is not Biagi at his very best. A good disc then, but not your first choice for a Biagi disc unless you prefer the slower tempi of these later recordings.

Track list

  1. Bailarina de tango
  2. Estás llorando
  3. Mi pecadora
  4. La copa del olvido
  5. Por tener un corazón
  6. Serenata campera vals
  7. Adoración vals
  8. Caricias
  9. Matala
  10. Y volvemos a querernos
  11. Sin palabras
  12. Gracias
  13. Mientras duerme la ciudad
  14. Esta noche me emborracho
  15. Margot
  16. Por la huella milonga
  17. Viento malo
  18. Camino del Tucumán
  19. Aroma de amor vals
  20. Mañana por la mañana vals

Temas: Hugo Duval (1 al 6); Hugo Duval - Carlos Heredia (7); Carlos Heredia (8 al 10); Carlos Saavedra (11 al 16); Alberto Amor (17 al 20)

Miguel Montero - Sus más grandes creaciones

EMI 529430

Montero was vocalist with the Pugliese orchestra in the late 1950s. Later he took his string of hits and went solo; the recordings presented here are from this period.

Track list

  1. Gurisa
  2. Antiguo reloj de cobre
  3. Cucusita
  4. Calor de hogar
  5. Sentimiento gaucho
  6. De puro guapo
  7. Alma de bohemio
  8. Que falta que me haces
  9. No nos veremos más
  10. Como se pianta la vida
  11. Como aquella princesa
  12. Tinta roja
  13. La abandoné y no sabía
  14. Tristeza de la calle corrientes
  15. Por las calles de la vida
  16. Fuimos
  17. Me están sobrando las penas
  18. Que solo estoy
  19. Domingo a la noche
  20. Otra noche

Florindo Sassone - Bien milonguero vol.1

EMI 529431

These popular late instrumentals are very reminiscent of Di Sarli, although without his subtlety and depth. Very occasionally you will find yourself reminded of Fresedo. This might sound like a damning review, but I wish to God that teachers would use this instead of Di Sarli for teaching their intermediates

This disc and its companion volume provide the largest selection of late Sassone available.

Track list

  1. Lágrimas
  2. El choclo
  3. La clavada
  4. Tierrita
  5. La guitarrita
  6. El opio
  7. La trilla
  8. Como los nardos en flor
  9. Papas calientes
  10. Clavel del aire
  11. Hotel Victoria
  12. Tierra negra
  13. Rawson
  14. Retintín
  15. Rodriguez Peña
  16. Bar Exposición
  17. Tomasito
  18. Negro el 20
  19. El morochito
  20. Bahía Blanca

Quinteto Pirincho / Roberto Firpo - Las milongas más milongas

EMI 529433

A most unusual album: entirely milongas, or tango-milongas, split between just two orchestras: the 1950s incarnation of the Quinteto Pirincho and the quartet of Roberto Firpo. A popular disc.

Track list

  1. La cara de la luna tango milonga
  2. Corralera milonga
  3. Arrabalera milonga
  4. Se dice de mi milonga
  5. Milonga del tiempo heróico milonga
  6. Taquito militar milonga
  7. La trampera milonga
  8. El firulete milonga
  9. Negro carbón milonga
  10. Orillera milonga
  11. Chamberguito de los gauchos milonga
  12. La puñalada milonga
  13. Organito de suburbio milonga
  14. De mi arrabal milonga
  15. Milonga orillera milonga
  16. Me gusta bailar milonga
  17. Vieja milonga milonga
  18. Flor de suburbio milonga
  19. El llorón Tango milonga
  20. El esquinazo milonga

Temas 1 al 10 Quinteto Pirincho 11 al 20 Cuarteto Roberto Firpo

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