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RGS Tango Collection

RGS Music are a small Argentine label known hitherto mostly as the publishers of the album Yiddish Tango. But in 2011 they struck gold with this new series - at a bargain price.

The CD of Edgardo Donato is essential, Also strongly recommended are those of OTV, Julio De Caro, Di Sarli's sextet and Firpo's orchestra . The Canaro and D'Arienzo discs are pretty strong too, whilst lovers of the guardia vieja will want the CDs of Francisco Lomuto and Charlo

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Tango Collection - Azucena Maizani

RGS 1601

Track list

  1. Alma en pena
  2. Aquí me pongo a cantar
  3. Arrieros de mis pesares
  4. Barra querida
  5. Estampilla
  6. Llevatelo todo
  7. Marioneta
  8. Mariposa azul
  9. Monte criollo
  10. Para qué
  11. Pero... yo sé
  12. Portero, suba y dígale
  13. Tango mío
  14. Yuyito e´la sierra

Tango Collection - Ignacio Corsini

RGS 1604

Carlos Gardel's favourite singer, a wonderful voice I can listen to all day.

Track list

  1. La pulpera de Santa Lucía vals
  2. Caminito
  3. Fumando espero
  4. Patotero sentimental
  5. Lo han visto con otra
  6. Chiqué
  7. Palomita blanca vals
  8. Sentimiento gaucho
  9. Clavel del aire
  10. Amurado
  11. Virgencita del talar
  12. Madre
  13. La traición
  14. La viajera perdida
  15. El resero
  16. Cobardía vals
  17. Dulce amargura
  18. Los jazmines de San Ignacio zamba canción
  19. Esquinas porteñas
  20. Llorando mis penas
  21. Destellos
  22. La china de la mazorca
  23. Botines viejos
  24. La guitarrera de San Nicolás vals
  25. Zaraza

Tango Collection - Libertad Lamarque

RGS 1612

A film star voice, Lamarque would not have been out of place in a Hollywood musical.

Track list

  1. Fumando espero
  2. Besos brujos
  3. Silencio
  4. Madreselva
  5. Julián
  6. Caminito
  7. Te sigo esperando
  8. Verdemar
  9. Maldito tango
  10. Sin palabras
  11. Bailemos
  12. Cantando
  13. A media luz
  14. Mocosita
  15. Uno
  16. El día que me quieras

Tango Collection - Francisco Canaro canta Roberto Maida

RGS 1637

Perfectly timed to take advantage of the deletion of Poema comes this new CD from RGS featuring the 1936 recordings with Roberto Maida. Apart from a cracking transfer of Poema you get a whole bunch of beautiful tracks. Their tender rendition of the Donato classic El adiós is a real surprise.

If you've already got Poema you don't need this. If you are planning on a big Canaro collection, than the Canaro/Maida CDs on Reliquias are a better choice - if you're looking for a single CD, or a gift, then this is for you.

The fidelity is very good throughout.

Track list

  1. Poema
  2. Golondrinas
  3. Cambalache
  4. No hay que hacerse mala sangre
  5. Alma de bandoneón
  6. Ciego
  7. Soledad
  8. De puro guapo
  9. Casas viejas
  10. Dónde?
  11. Mi noche triste
  12. Envidia
  13. Las cuarenta
  14. El adiós
  15. Paciencia
  16. Ave de paso
  17. Adiós muchachos
  18. Nada más
  19. Madreselva
  20. Mano a mano

Tango Collection - Juan D'Arienzo

RGS 1639

This new instrumental CD of early Juan D'Arienzo (1936-1938) is a mix of classic cuts and some cracking, hard to find tracks such as El baqueano and Melodía porteña.

Track list

  1. Don Juan
  2. Pasíon vals
  3. El apronte
  4. La cumparsita
  5. Mentías vals
  6. Homero
  7. Gallo ciego
  8. Valsecito criollo vals
  9. El triunfo
  10. La mariposa
  11. Leila
  12. Charamusca
  13. Retintín
  14. Don Esteban
  15. No llores madre vals
  16. El irresistible
  17. El baqueano
  18. Inolvidable vals
  19. El cencerro
  20. La morocha
  21. Melodía porteña
  22. Valsecito de antes vals
  23. Unión cívica

Tango collection - Edgardo Donato

RGS 1640

Since El Bandoneón deleted their Donato CDs a few years ago, there has been nowhere to refer you to for lots of classic tracks from Edgardo Donato. El huracán, Chiqué, Hácete cartel, and La cumparsita were completely unavailable, whilst Santa milonguita, El día que me quieras, Ruego, were only available on an expensive mp3 collection from Argentina. I could also add El chamuyo, only recently available once more on the 10 CD box on Membrán.

Now you can find all these tracks on this new CD from RGS. The CD is not entirely classic 30s Donato cuts however; there are also 7 cuts from 1950-1951. Apart from the instrumental El acomodo, you can spot these on the listing from the vocalists, Adolfo Rivas and Carlos Almada. These are mostly forgettable, although the vals is fun and it's interesting to hear both versions of Donato's signature track, Se va la vida.

The fidelity is okay, but nothing outstanding, certainly no better than what we had from El Bandoneón. As so often with Argentine labels, the singer information on the back cover is incomplete. Nevertheless the album becomes essential by virtue of being the only player in a sparsely populated field. Great value at 25 tracks.

Track list

  1. La cumparsita
  2. El huracán
  3. Chiqué
  4. El camión
  5. Se va la vida (1950)
  6. El día que me quieras
  7. Porque no me besas vals
  8. Preparate pa´l domingo
  9. El acomodo (1951)
  10. Santa milonguita
  11. Por qué doblan las campanas
  12. La caída de la estantería
  13. El vinacho
  14. Pasíon criolla
  15. Tierrita
  16. Rosa poneme una ventosa
  17. Hácete cartel
  18. Papas calientes tango-milonga
  19. Carnaval de mi barrio
  20. Ruego
  21. Sácale punta milonga
  22. El adiós
  23. El chamuyo
  24. Se va la vida (1936)
  25. La tablada
  • Félix Gutiérrez (2)
  • Juan Alesio (6)
  • Adolfo Rivas (7)
  • Hugo Del Carril (12,16)
  • Carlos Almada (4,8, 11,13)
  • dúo Lita Morales/Horacio Lagos (19)
  • dúo Antonio Maida/"Randona" (20)
  • dúo Horacio Lagos/"Randona" (21)
  • Horacio Lagos (17,22,24)

Tango Collection - Julio De Caro

RGS 1641

Yes! A new CD of Julio De Caro's early recordings (mostly 1926-1930).

Julio De Caro is the man who brought musical depth to tango in the late 1920s, the direct inspiration for the later ensembles of Osvaldo Pugliese and Pedro Laurenz (who played bandoneón for De Caro). De Caro may lack the force and strong rhythmic drive of the 1940s groupings and he retired (in disgust?) once D'Arienzo had come to the fore. However, his music has stood the test of time. It's still played regularly in milongas and is eminently danceable, as well as great to listen to.

Like the other releases in this series, this is a generous album at 23 tracks. There's lots of material here that has become quite hard to get since the deletion of the RCA Victor 100 Años series and the virtual disappearance of El bandoneón. The fidelity is good and so are the selections - I shan't go through them, they are excellent; only Flores negras is missing.

Track list

  1. El monito
  2. Boedo
  3. Amurado
  4. Mala pinta
  5. Adiós pueblo
  6. Buen amigo
  7. Carro viejo
  8. Chiqué
  9. Color de rosa
  10. Derecho viejo
  11. Quejas de bandoneón
  12. Gallo ciego
  13. Recuerdo
  14. Guardia vieja
  15. Jueves
  16. La rayuela
  17. La última cita
  18. Maipo
  19. Mal de amores
  20. Mala junta
  21. Tierra querida
  22. Todo corazón
  23. Vayan saliendo

Tango Collection - Orquesta Típica Victor

RGS 1642

Wow! A new CD of the Orquesta Típica Victor at a bargain price.

The disc is generous at 23 tracks and there is lots of material that isn't on EURO, including their rare version of El amanecer. Fabulous! If you like the old style music, this is for you.

Note: tracks 13 and 14 are switched on the CD. Track 13 is actually Dominio, and Track 14 is Chorra.

Track list

  1. Retintín
  2. La cumparsita
  3. Viejo rincón
  4. La payanca
  5. Flor de tango
  6. Re fa si
  7. De mi barrio
  8. Adiós muchachos
  9. Tradición
  10. La sonámbula
  11. Fumando espero
  12. Puente Alsina
  13. Dominio
  14. Chorra
  15. El porteñito
  16. Niño bien
  17. Coqueta
  18. El choclo
  19. La rosarina
  20. El chamuyo
  21. Bailarías
  22. El amanecer
  23. Libertad

Tango Collection - Osvaldo Fresedo

RGS 1643

AT LAST! For several years, people have been asking me for a CD of Fresedo's early sextet. Here it is.

This is a completely different Fresedo to the one you think you know. Strong beats and a base that almost growls at times make this just irresistible for dancing. The interpretation of La cachila is astounding, Lorenzo is delightful - you can find something good to say about every track on this CD

Track list

  1. Arrabalero
  2. Felicia
  3. El espiante
  4. Frases de amor
  5. La cachila
  6. Tinta verde
  7. Victoria
  8. Caminito
  9. Noches de Colón
  10. Paternal
  11. Saturnia
  12. Tradición
  13. Di Di
  14. El once
  15. El entrerriano
  16. Rivas
  17. Re fa si
  18. Noche de reyes
  19. Lorenzo
  20. Milonga con variación

Tango Collection - Mercedes Simone

RGS 1646

My favourite female voice after Ada Falcón, not quite as dramatic, but rich and expressive. Her darker tones suited an orchestra better than the sopranos and she sang a couple of tracks with Adolfo Carabelli, including her signature tune, Cantando.

Track list

  1. Cantando
  2. Carnaval de mi barrio
  3. Será una noche
  4. Náufrago
  5. Vieja amiga
  6. Cuando silba el viento
  7. Pena mulata
  8. Claudinette
  9. Abandono
  10. Negra María
  11. Caricias
  12. Incertidumbre
  13. El tamboril
  14. Ave sin rumbo
  15. Quedate tranquilo
  16. Tu nombre
  17. Milonga triste
  18. Media vida
  19. Amargura
  20. El viejito del acordeón

Tango Collection - Rosita Quiroga

RGS 1649

Another of the great female voices of tango, Rosita Quiroga conveys an air of melancholy and nostalgia. Her vocal style differs from the other female singers in belonging more to the country than to the city, and has been described as descending from the payadores (troubadours).

Track list

  1. Sosegate, no seas loco
  2. Viejo coche
  3. Oime negro
  4. Sentimiento malevo
  5. Carro viejo
  6. Que queres?, soy así
  7. Qué vachache
  8. Flor de fango
  9. Tus besos fueron míos
  10. Fumando espero
  11. Mocosita
  12. La musa mistonga
  13. Puente Alsina
  14. Las doce de la noche
  15. Campaneando la vejez
  16. Hacelo por la vieja
  17. Negro
  18. Mala suerte
  19. Sentencia
  20. El malevo
  21. Gran señor
  22. Apología tanguera
  23. Gorda
  24. Vete

Tango Collection - Carlos Di Sarli Instrumental 1928-1931

RGS 1653

Wow! A new CD of Carlos Di Sarli's sextet at a bargain price. The quality is so high, I won't even bother naming individual tracks.

These fabulous sides won't be to everyone's taste. Beats me though. I just can't get enough of this period.

For the dedicated collector, there are only a couple of new tracks compared to the the EURO records CD - but this is much cheaper.

Despite the title, don't forgot that there is an estribillista (refran singer) on Maldita: that fine voice is none other than Ernesto Famá.

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Track list

  1. T B C
  2. La guitarrita
  3. Cuando bronca el temporal
  4. Soy un arlequín
  5. Un lamento
  6. El paladín
  7. Sos una fiera
  8. Mi pibe
  9. Barrilete
  10. Belén
  11. Che bacana
  12. Algo bueno
  13. Sábado
  14. Criollo viejo
  15. Don José María
  16. Racing Club
  17. Palito
  18. Añorándote
  19. Una noche de garufa
  20. Maldita

Tango Collection - Charlo

RGS 1656

Charlo (Carlos José Pérez) was one of the greatest voices of tango: only Gardel was more important. If we don't know him so well today it is because he belongs to the late '20s and early '30s rather than to the Golden Decade of the 1940s. Charlo's tender and charming voice is just the perfect choice for the earlier material.

This new CD presents Charlo singing mostly with Canaro's orchestra. There are also two tracks with Lomuto and two with his own orchestra. Naturally, none of this information is in the booklet!

The CD is the successor to the long deleted El Bandoneón Charlo album to which it bears an extroardinary resemblance. Turning now to the fidelity: it's variable and at times disappointing. Nevertheless, the lover of the old material will not be able to resist. Con tu mirar is just exquisite.

Track list

  1. Tiempos viejos (Te acordás hermano)
  2. Secreto de amor vals
  3. Con tu mirar vals
  4. Desconfiale
  5. Las vueltas de la vida
  6. Lo que nunca te dirán
  7. Mentir en amor es pecado vals
  8. Pasa el amor pasodoble
  9. Nelly vals
  10. Recuerdos del corazón
  11. La cumparsita
  12. Teresita
  13. Tormento
  14. Yo también soñé
  15. Soy un pobre gaucho
  16. Marioneta
  17. Buenos Aires querido
  18. Pinta maleva
  19. Deje que la acompañe
  20. El choclo
  • 1-2,4-10,12-14: with Canaro's orchestra
  • 3,15-17: with Canaro's orchestra (as estribillista)
  • 18,19: with Lomuto's orchestra (as estribillista)
  • 11,20: with his own orchestra

Tango Collection - Ada Falcón

RGS 1669

A nice CD of Ada Falcón, good selections, a little cleaning but not too much.

Track list

  1. Envidia
  2. Alma de bohemio
  3. Casas viejas
  4. Cascabelito
  5. Corazón de oro vals
  6. Cuando llora la milonga
  7. Destellos
  8. Dónde estas corazón
  9. La morocha
  10. Yo no se que me han hecho tus ojos vals
  11. La muchachada del centro
  12. La última copa
  13. Las vueltas de la vida
  14. Madreselva
  15. Un jardín de ilusión vals
  16. Nada más
  17. Pensalo bien
  18. Sentimiento gaucho
  19. Te quiero
  20. Ilusión marina vals
  21. Tus besos fueron míos
  22. Ventarrón
  23. Para ti madre vals
  24. Yira yira
  • 3 - duet with Charlo
  • 15 - duet with Ernesto Famá

Tango Collection - Trío Argentino

RGS 1692

A lovely CD of the charming Trío Argentino: Agustín Irusta, Roberto Fugazot, and Lucio Demare (piano), recorded in Europe in the 1930s.

Track list

  1. Chiqué
  2. Créase o no
  3. La cumparsita
  4. Noche de reyes
  5. Lágrimas
  6. Bandoneón arrabalero
  7. Boedo
  8. La mina del Ford
  9. Mañanitas de Montmartre
  10. La Muchachada del centro
  11. Musette
  12. No te engañes corazón
  13. Irigoyen solo
  14. Amurado
  15. Alas rotas
  16. Te quiero
  17. Dandy
  18. Adiós muchachos
  19. Mi compañera
  20. Adiós al piano

Tango Collection - Francisco Lomuto

RGS 1715

Finally, a CD of early recordings of Francisco Lomuto at a bargain price. Lomuto's early sides have a deep steady beat with a melancholic tinge and they are just fantastic for dancing.

This album picks up Lomuto's discography in 1929 at a point when he had already cut nearly 400 sides! At this time, recordings had long since switched from acoustic to electrical. The fidelity is really good - someone has been hiding these 78s away somewhere.

All but four of the 22 tracks are from the neglected period on the Odeón label, which ends in the summer of 1931. Mar de fondo is is from the end of 1931, The cumparsita is from 1936, whilst Criolla linda and Sentimiento gaucho are from 1942. (The few dates below are for disambiguation, i.e. to clarify which recording is meant on those tangos which Lomuto recorded more than once). Listen carefully and you can hear the introduction of the diminished sixth cadence - the ending which goes the wrong way, down rather than up - which would later become Lomuto's trademark. I won't tell you where though, to keep your ears sharp :-)

What are you waiting for??

You can get a couple of Lomuto tracks with Charlo singing on the Charlo CD on this label.

Track list

  1. Tango argentino
  2. Serpentina dobla
  3. Patadura
  4. Mi pibe
  5. Medianoche
  6. Cuando despiertes
  7. Puerto nuevo (1929)
  8. Viejo amigo
  9. Piñataro
  10. Como los nardos en flor
  11. Buenos Aires (1930)
  12. Cuentas claras
  13. Bigotito (1930)
  14. Corazón de oro
  15. Amor y celos vals
  16. Pan
  17. Alondra
  18. Mar de fondo
  19. La cumparsita
  20. Cuando llora la milonga (1930)
  21. Criolla linda
  22. Sentimiento gaucho

Tango Collection - Francisco Fiorentino

RGS 1716

Not a Fiorentino so much as a Troilo-Fiorentino album, this should actually be called Troilo-Fiorentino 1941-1942 as it doesn't limit itself exclusively to the up-tempo 1941 numbers. A good CD but it leaves you with no way to extend your collection

Track list

  1. Yo soy el tango
  2. Toda mi vida
  3. Tabernero
  4. Mano brava
  5. El bulín de la Calle Ayacucho
  6. En esta tarde gris
  7. Tinta toja
  8. Con toda la voz que tengo milonga
  9. No le digas que la quiero
  10. Sencillo y compadre
  11. Los mareados
  12. Del tiempo guapo milonga
  13. Malena
  14. Pa' que bailen los muchachos
  15. Fueye
  16. Ficha de oro milonga
  17. Tristezas de la Calle Corrientes
  18. Grisel
  19. Barrio de tango
  20. Buenos Aires

Tango Collection - Roberto Firpo

RGS 1717

Tango Collection just get better and better, this time stunning us with some hard-to-find recordings of Firpo's orchestra. Like Lomuto, Firpo is one of those bands that you just wouldn't know had a huge recorded output from the quantity of material that's available nowadays. Firpo recorded over 2,800 tracks - that's three times D'Arienzo's output, and most of what has been released has been by his quartet rather than his wonderful orchestra.

This album covers the years 1935-1941, and whilst half the CD overlaps with the Reliquias CD this is still essential. RGS seem to have taken their inspiration from those prohibitively expensive Japanese albums. La trifulca on CD? Damn. Someone just stole one of my best tandas

Track list

  1. En la brecha
  2. La carcajada
  3. Didí
  4. La despedida
  5. Atardecer campero vals
  6. Vea… vea…
  7. Loco lindo
  8. Homero
  9. La murra
  10. Barreras de amor
  11. El compinche
  12. Tierra negra
  13. El amanecer
  14. Curda completa
  15. Entre los ceibos
  16. Fuegos artificiales
  17. De vuelta al pago
  18. La chola
  19. La trifulca milonga
  20. El talento

Tango Collection - Enrique Rodríguez

RGS 1737

I wasn't expecting a Rodríguez album from Tango Collection . Would we perhaps get some of the unreleased tracks that we are still waiting for: No me lo digas, Tic tac, or the vals Que tilín… que tilon? No - it's the same stuff as on Reliquias but in poorer fidelity. Pff.

Track list

  1. Florida
  2. Son cosas del bandoneón
  3. No te quiero más
  4. Como se pianta la vida
  5. La torcacita
  6. Esto es puro compás
  7. Dejame ser así
  8. La gayola
  9. El tabernero
  10. El morochito
  11. Llorar por una mujer
  12. Vendrás alguna vez
  13. Suerte loca
  14. Danza maligna
  15. A media luz
  16. Con tu mirar vals
  17. Si no me engaña el corazón
  18. En la buena y en la mala
  19. Nyanzas y malevos
  20. Con permiso señorita
  • Roberto Flores (2,7,12,17,20)
  • Armando Moreno (3,4,6,8,9,11,13-16,18-19)

Aníbal Troilo (Instrumental)

RGS 1749

Tango Collection are neither EMI Odeón nor BMG Ariola, so are uniquely placed to offer us this disc of Troilo instrumentals which includes his two stunning 1938 recordings on Odeón before he switched labels - tracks which EMI Odeón, to their shame, have never reprinted. Have they pulled it off?

The answer, sadly, is no: most of the tracks, but especially the first two, are marred by excessive noise reduction. The average tanguero listening to this in their kitchen will be happy with this CD, and will buy it just to get those two rare 1938 tracks, for the rest of us this is a disappointment and a missed opportunity.

Track list

  1. Comme il faut
  2. Tinta verde
  3. Cachirulo
  4. Milongueando en el 40
  5. Guapeando
  6. Cordón de oro
  7. El tamango
  8. De pura cepa milonga
  9. C.T.V.
  10. La tablada
  11. La maleva
  12. El chupete
  13. Un placer vals
  14. Inspiración
  15. El distinguido ciudadano
  16. Pablo
  17. La cumparsita

Tita Merello

RGS 1792

Tita Merello was the woman with the big personality who was never afraid to camp it up. Actress as well as singer, she was even more successful in the 1950s than the 1940s and continued working into the 1990s. Witty and temperemental, she stamped her personality upon all her work. The milonga Se dice de mi, which she recorded with Canaro, is indelibly associated with her.

Track list

  1. Que careta
  2. Mi papito
  3. Tata...llevame pal centro
  4. Che bacana
  5. No es por hablar mal
  6. La viuda misteriosa
  7. Quien te ve
  8. Che... Pepinito
  9. Mama mía... que mujer
  10. Paquetín... paquetón
  11. Trabajar... nunca
  12. No te hagas curar
  13. Mascarón de proa
  14. Los cardales
  15. Que torcido andás Julián!!
  16. Te has comprado un automóvil
  17. Ña.. to.. ri.. bia
  18. Torta frita
  19. No te aguanto más
  20. Sos una fiera

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