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Welcome to our Tango Music Club!

Nothing improves your dancing so much as a good feeling for the special qualities of tango music. The idea of the club was to help you build a library of good tango music, tailored to your own tastes.

The club ran for 8 years, from December 2008 to December 2015, but was forced to close because of the reducing supply of tango CDs, itself a consequence of on-line listening (youtube and spotify) and of course copying.

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This month's cds (August 2010):

Finally we bring you the Two Angels, Angel D'Agostino and Angel Vargas.

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Tango de Los Angeles vol.1

BMG 41291

I can't believe that this is the first time that we have presented a cd of the Two Angels, pianist and orchestra leader Angel D'Agostino and his singer Angel Vargas.

This is exactly the kind of music you would like to dance to at the beginning of the afternoon - perfectly balanced, subtle, classy without being flashy, and well-paced, with a carefully chosen repertoire. Their recording of El porteñito is definitive, whilst other tracks such as El yacaré, Tres esquinas and Muchacho - never recorded by other major orchestras - also have classic status. Essential for every library of tango music

Track list

  1. Muchacho
  2. Un copetín
  3. Tres esquinas
  4. Ahora no me conoces
  5. Adiós arrabal
  6. Agua florida
  7. Una pena
  8. El choclo
  9. El yacaré
  10. Adiós para siempre
  11. Viejo coche
  12. Esquinas porteñas vals
  13. Trasnochado soñador
  14. Pero yo se
  15. Noviecita mía
  16. Llora vida mía
  17. Ninguna
  18. Barrio de tango
  19. El porteñito milonga
  20. Compadreando milonga

Rodolfo Biagi - Sus éxitos con JOrge Ortiz vol.2

DBN 499967

Not quite as good as the first volume - but almost, with several nice valses and milongas

Track list

  1. La cumparsita
  2. Copas, amigas y besos
  3. Cuando se ha querido mucho
  4. Cantando se van las penas milonga
  5. Tu melodía vals
  6. Marcas
  7. Callecita de mi barrio
  8. Calla corazón
  9. Soledad... la de Barracas
  10. Por un beso de amor vals
  11. Oyendo tu voz
  12. Catorce primaveras
  13. Pueblito de provincia
  14. Sera lo mejor
  15. Belgica
  16. Cuatro palabras vals
  17. Pinta orillera
  18. Zaraza
  19. Pájaro herido vals
  20. Racing Club

The Best of Carlos Gardel

EMI 23505

Looking for an album of the greatest tango singer of all-time?

This is it. For this CD, EMI shipped the original 78s over from Argentina to the Abbey Road Studios for re-mastering. Timeless.

Track list

  1. Mi Buenos Aires querido
  2. Melodía de arrabal
  3. Leguisamo solo
  4. Tomo y obligo
  5. Silencio
  6. Golondrinas
  7. Por una cabeza
  8. Sus ojos se cerraron
  9. Volver
  10. Rubias de New York
  11. El día que me quieras
  12. Cuesta abajo
  13. Madreselva
  14. Amargura
  15. Estudiante
  16. Soy una fiera
  17. Buenos Aires
  18. Arrabal amargo
  19. Volvió una noche
  20. Lejana tierra mía

Osmar Maderna 1946/1951

EU 17002

Osmar Maderna was Miguel Caló's miracle pianist. After Caló's orchestra of the stars went supernova in 1945, Maderna set up his own orchestra to showcase his very considerable talents. As history has demonstrated, the work produced under such circumstances is rarely as good as what went before, and the Maderna orchesta belongs firmly inthe second tier, despite virtuosos works such as a tango version of El vuelo del moscardón - yes, that's Rimsky Korsakov's The flight of the bumblebee.

It's the valses which have of real quality - a pity there are only two of them. They are wonderful.

Track list

  1. El vuelo del moscardón milonga
  2. Malva
  3. Concierto en la luna
  4. Gracias
  5. Ojos negros
  6. Plomo
  7. Se perdio el amor
  8. Rincones de París
  9. Pastora
  10. Lluvia de estrellas
  11. Para tí madre vals
  12. Charamusa
  13. Pequeña vals
  14. Cuando no te quiere nadie
  15. Divina
  16. La cumparsita
  17. Escalas en azul
  18. La huella
  19. Los mareados
  20. Mimi Pinson


Orlando Verri (2,4,6);
Pedro Datila (7,14);
Mario Corrales (8);
Mario Corrales / Pedro Datila (9,11);
Hector De Rosas (13,15);
Adolfo Rivas (19.20);
Instrumental (1,3,5,10,12,16,17,18)

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