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Welcome to our Tango Music Club!

Nothing improves your dancing so much as a good feeling for the special qualities of tango music. The idea of the club was to help you build a library of good tango music, tailored to your own tastes.

The club ran for 8 years, from December 2008 to December 2015, but was forced to close because of the reducing supply of tango CDs, itself a consequence of on-line listening (youtube and spotify) and of course copying.

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This month's cds (September 2013):

Troilo en RCA vol.4 Uno (1943)
Grandes Del Tango 44: Héctor Varela Osvaldo Pugliese - Sus éxitos con Alberto Morán Tango Collection - Tita Merello

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Troilo en RCA vol.4 Uno (1943)

Troilo en RCA vol.4 Uno (1943)

EMI 659439

Beautiful, sophisticated, tango that is suddenly fashionable since Carlitos & Noelia started dancing to it

Tracks such as Farolito de papel show why many milongueros consider Alberto Marino to be the better voice than Fiorentino (gasp!) for the slower paced music that Troilo began to make in 1942.

Track list

  1. Uno
  2. Percal
  3. Cuando tallan los recuerdos
  4. Margarita Gauthier
  5. Barro
  6. Ropa blanca milonga
  7. Corazon... no le hagas caso
  8. Cada vez que me recuerdes
  9. Inspiración
  10. Soy un porteno
  11. Farolito de papel
  12. Buenos Aires
  13. Tango y copas
  14. Valsecito amigo vals
  15. Por las calles de la vida
  16. Soy del 90


Grandes Del Tango 44: Héctor Varela

Grandes Del Tango 44: Héctor Varela

Lantower GDT 44

A double album as a club CD? Yes - just this month only

Héctor Varela resigned from D'Arienzo's orchestra in 1950 after a decade as its first bandoneón and arranger. He was widely expected to produce a copycat orchestra as Juan Polito had done before him, but to everyone's surprise he developed his own style. This CD runs in chronological order and presents the tangos which made such an impact at the time. Most popular nowadays however are the later vocals such as Fueron tres años, which became a big hit a few years ago.

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Disc 1
  1. El rápido
  2. El flete
  3. Un bailongo milonga
  4. Farolito viejo
  5. La trilla
  6. A la gran muñeca
  7. Yuyo brujo
  8. El bulín de la calle Ayacucho
  9. Sábado inglés
  10. Paciencia
  11. Criolla linda
  12. Anoche a las dos
  13. La carreta
  14. El africano
  15. Suipacha
  16. Patio porteño vals
  17. El as de los ases
  18. Tierra negra
  19. Llanto de amor
  20. Noches de cabaret
  21. Canaro en París
  22. Tal para cual
  23. Don Orlando
  24. Novia provinciana
Disc 2
  1. La chacarera
  2. Champagne tango
  3. A tres bandas
  4. Que sigan charlando
  5. Yo también
  6. Prienda
  7. El fustazo
  8. Los diablos rojos
  9. Aguantalo si podés
  10. Murió el malevo
  11. Volvé mi negra
  12. Moneda de cobre
  13. Igual que dos palomas vals
  14. Mi dolor
  15. La taba milonga
  16. Y no te voy a llorar
  17. Eras como la flor
  18. Fumando espero
  19. Viejo rincón
  20. Portero suba y diga
  21. Fueron tres años
  22. Silueta porteña milonga
  23. Qué tarde que has venido
  24. Muchacha

Osvaldo Pugliese - Sus éxitos con Alberto Morán

Osvaldo Pugliese - Sus éxitos con Alberto Morán

DBN 495373

Alberto Morán was the most passionate singer ever in tango. The effect he had on the public was rather like that of the first rock stars. When he sang, all the women rushed to the stage and the men found themselves without partners

Pugliese knew what he had in Alberto Morán and with him he embarked on a renovation of the tango song. The music they developed together was not really intended for dancing, and you might say that Morán spearheaded the change away from the cantor de orquesta - the orchestra singer - to the singer who had emerged from the orchestra's ranks and had become the star of the show. This process really kicks in 1951 with tracks such as Barro and Pasionál, one of the most dramatic tangos of all time, and reaches it's full flowering with 1953's San José de FLores which is pretty much undanceable.

That's not to say that their earlier work (Morán sang with Pugliese from 1945-1954) didn't produce some great tracks for dancing as well - but they are more challenging for dancers than Pugliese's work with Chanel. Tracks such as Yuyo verde, Maleza, El abrojito and especially the wonderful Sin palabras all deserve to be heard at the milonga - just not every week.

This is a great CD, but my advice is to take it in small doses

Track list

  1. El abrojito
  2. Yuyo verde
  3. Príncipe
  4. No me escribas
  5. Maleza
  6. Sin palabras
  7. Ilusión marina
  8. Mentira
  9. Demasiado tarde
  10. Una vez
  11. Pasional
  12. Descorazonado
  13. Barro
  14. Cadenas
  15. Frente a una copa
  16. San José de Flores
  17. Y volvemos a querernos
  18. Cobardia
  19. Cualquier cosa
  20. Desvelo

Tango Collection - Tita Merello

Tango Collection - Tita Merello

RGS 1792

A huge personality, Tita Merello presents tango from the other side of the tracks - the arrabal.

Actress as well as singer, she was even more successful in the 1950s than the 1940s and continued working into the 1990s. Witty and temperemental, she stamped her personality upon all her work. This is the cheekiest tango you'll ever hear!

Track list

  1. Que careta
  2. Mi papito
  3. Tata...llevame pal centro
  4. Che bacana
  5. No es por hablar mal
  6. La viuda misteriosa
  7. Quien te ve
  8. Che... Pepinito
  9. Mama mía... que mujer
  10. Paquetín... paquetón
  11. Trabajar... nunca
  12. No te hagas curar
  13. Mascarón de proa
  14. Los cardales
  15. Que torcido andás Julián!!
  16. Te has comprado un automóvil
  17. Ña.. to.. ri.. bia
  18. Torta frita
  19. No te aguanto más
  20. Sos una fiera

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