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Welcome to our Tango Music Club!

Nothing improves your dancing so much as a good feeling for the special qualities of tango music. The idea of the club was to help you build a library of good tango music, tailored to your own tastes.

The club ran for 8 years, from December 2008 to December 2015, but was forced to close because of the reducing supply of tango CDs, itself a consequence of on-line listening (youtube and spotify) and of course copying.

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This month's cds (November 2014):

Alfredo De Angelis - 20 Éxitos vol.1 (canta: Carlos Dante)
Francisco Fiorentino / Astor Piazzolla - Su Discografia Juntos The Masters of Tango - Angel D'Agostino: Café Domínguez Tango Collection - Tita Merello

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Alfredo De Angelis - 20 Éxitos vol.1 (canta: Carlos Dante)

Alfredo De Angelis - 20 Éxitos vol.1 (canta: Carlos Dante)

EMI 473889

Why are so many people so down on Alfredo De Angelis nowadays? There may a lot of thin material, but the blanket ban being declared by many has gone too far.

Whilst De Angelis tends towards the light end of hte musical spectrum, the great exception comes at the end of the 1940s when, like several other bands, he re-quickened his tempo and returned to harder beats not heard in Buenos Aires since 1941.

The result was a series of top class performances including the seminal version of Gloria, which easily surpasses the more popular interpretation of Donato Racciatti for both intensity and danceability. Tracks such as Amigazo create a similar mood and can create a surprising tanda for dancers, many of whom fail to identify the orchestra they think they know.

Not everything on the CD is from this period, but all the same this is a good album, which Reliquias reinstated after it was officially deleted a few years back. Don't be put off by the nondescript cover.

Track List

  1. Ya estamos iguales
  2. Esta vuelta pago yo
  3. Cristal y luna
  4. Cuatro lineas para el cielo
  5. Compadron
  6. Amigazo
  7. Buscando perdón
  8. Carga
  9. Al pie de la santa cruz
  10. Adiós vidalita
  11. Gloria
  12. Bésame en la boca
  13. La marcha nupcial
  14. Nunca te podré olvidar
  15. Patrona milonga
  16. Caminito del taller
  17. Pobre de ellos
  18. Un caho e' tango
  19. Trapo viejo
  20. Seis de enero

Francisco Fiorentino / Astor Piazzolla - Su Discografia Juntos

EMI 477604

Troilo's 1937 orchestra began to break up in 1943 with the sacking of his genius pianist Orlando Goñi. The following year saw the departure of Troilo's star singer Francisco Fiorentino, by this time a pop idol, and possibly the most popular cantor de orquesta of the era, to become a soloist.

After a failed venture with Goñi, Fiorentino tempted Piazzolla to leave Troilo and direct his orchestra. This CD presents their complete recorded output together - 22 tracks, before Piazzolla left to form his own orchestra. The results make fascinating listening.

Piazzolla now has much more freedom to arrange as he wishes, and the work is more modern. But Fiorentino's voice, although sounding the same from a technical point of view, does not shine in the same way that it had with Troilo, even if there are some excellent tracks such as the milonga Soy una fiera. Why this should be the case is one of tango's mysteries. Fiorentino solo was always going to finish second best to Troilo-Fiorentino - the greatest director-singer combination in the history of tango music. This is an intriguing album.

Track list

  1. Corrientes y Esmeralda
  2. Si se salva el pibe
  3. Diez años pasan
  4. Nos encontramos al pasar
  5. Cotorrita de la suerte
  6. Rosa de otoño vals
  7. En las noches
  8. Seis dias
  9. Soy una fiera milonga
  10. María
  11. Fruta amarga
  12. Dolor de tango
  13. Oro falso
  14. Amigazo
  15. Viejo ciego
  16. El trovero
  17. Quien le ha traido
  18. Burbujas
  19. Volvio una noche
  20. De vuelta al bulín
  21. En carne propia
  22. Otros tiempos, otros hombres

The Masters of Tango - Ángel D'Agostino: Café Domínguez

The Masters of Tango - Ángel D'Agostino: Café Domínguez

LCDM 2742313

An excellent D'Agostino/Vargas selection with the iconic, later (from 1955) Café Domínguez thrown in for good measure. Since Euro ceased production this is the only way to get this track. Excellent fidelity throughout - a recommended CD, despite one mistake: Un copetín is not the 1941 recording with Angel Vargas, but the 1952 one with Ruben Cané.

Track list

  1. Café Domínguez
  2. Serpentinas de esperanza
  3. Rondando tu esquina
  4. A quién le puede importar?
  5. Caricias
  6. Menta y cedrón
  7. Shusheta
  8. Cuando se ha querido mucho
  9. Rosiata la Santiageña
  10. Palais de glace
  11. La nueva vecina
  12. Mi viejo barrion
  13. La última cita
  14. El poncho de olvido
  15. Mano blanca
  16. Cantando olvidaré
  17. La carreta
  18. Me llaman tango
  19. Madre hay una sola
  20. Transnochando
  21. Gorriones
  22. Traiga otra caña
  23. Adiós arrabal
  24. Tres esquinas
  25. Un copetín

Tango Collection - Tita Merello

Tango Collection - Tita Merello

RGS 1792

A huge personality, Tita Merello presents tango from the other side of the tracks - the arrabal.

Actress as well as singer, she was even more successful in the 1950s than the 1940s and continued working into the 1990s. Witty and temperemental, she stamped her personality upon all her work. This is the cheekiest tango you'll ever hear!

Track list

  1. Que careta
  2. Mi papito
  3. Tata...llevame pal centro
  4. Che bacana
  5. No es por hablar mal
  6. La viuda misteriosa
  7. Quien te ve
  8. Che... Pepinito
  9. Mama mía... que mujer
  10. Paquetín... paquetón
  11. Trabajar... nunca
  12. No te hagas curar
  13. Mascarón de proa
  14. Los cardales
  15. Que torcido andás Julián!!
  16. Te has comprado un automóvil
  17. Ña.. to.. ri.. bia
  18. Torta frita
  19. No te aguanto más
  20. Sos una fiera

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