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Welcome to our Tango Music Club!

Nothing improves your dancing so much as a good feeling for the special qualities of tango music. The idea of the club was to help you build a library of good tango music, tailored to your own tastes.

The club ran for 8 years, from December 2008 to December 2015, but was forced to close because of the reducing supply of tango CDs, itself a consequence of on-line listening (youtube and spotify) and of course copying.

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This month's cds (November 2015):

Sus éxitos con Julio Martel vol.2
The Masters of Tango  - Carlos Gardel - Si Soy Así Tango Collection - Orquesta Típica Victor Francisco Canaro - Instrumentales de Colección

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Alfredo De Angelis - Sus éxitos con Julio Martel vol.2

Sus éxitos con Julio Martel vol.2

EMI 529103

Maybe 2016 will be the year that Alfredo De Angelis will finally be re-habilitated as a tango orchestra. In it's day they were immensely popular but in recent years their music has been denigrated as being too simple - not something that has ever prevented the popularity of a lot of Canaro's later work, much of which is much simpler than what's presented here.

However, if you like Canaro, or Rodríguez, or are not one of those who insists that your tango is uniformly dark, than this is really for you. There are lots of five star tracks here that create a gentler mood: Altar sin luz La limosna and Por eso grito are all five star tracks, this last with a wonderful slow crescendo that finished the piece with a touch of drama.

The recordings are from the years 1945-1950, a time when De Angelis's violins have not yet gone out of control, and have excellent sound fidelity throughout. Recommended.

Track list

  1. Rosicler
  2. Altar sin luz
  3. Melodía gris
  4. Ivón
  5. Aquí he venido a cantar
  6. Rendido
  7. Por eso grito
  8. Yo también carrero fuí
  9. Sigan tomando muchachos
  10. Una carta
  11. Entrá si miedo hermana
  12. Yo también reí
  13. Misa de once
  14. Adiós muchachos
  15. No te perdono más
  16. La limosna
  17. Esa noche vals
  18. El santo de la espada vals
  19. El mayoral del tranvía milonga
  20. Pa' que te voy a contar milonga

The Masters of Tango - Carlos Gardel - Si Soy Así

The Masters of Tango - Carlos Gardel - Si Soy Así

LCDM 2742301

A fine compilation, again with excellent sleeve notes, although lacking many of the film numbers we today think of as his greatest hits.

Track list

  1. La última copa
  2. Una tarde
  3. Dandy
  4. Esta noche me emborracho
  5. Alma en pena
  6. Bandoneón arrabalero
  7. La muchacha del circo
  8. Muñeca brava
  9. Lo han visto con otra
  10. Vieja recova
  11. Viejo smocking
  12. Mi noche triste
  13. Almagro
  14. Tarde gris
  15. As de cartón
  16. Silbando
  17. Farolito de papel
  18. Anclao en París
  19. Tomo y obligo
  20. Rencor
  21. Ventarrón
  22. Me da pena confesarlo
  23. Si se salva el pibe
  24. Desdén
  25. Si soy así

Tango Collection - Orquesta Típica Victor

Tango Collection - Orquesta Típica Victor

RGS 1642

This great CD of the Orquesta Típica Victor is now the only one available. The album is generous at 23 tracks and there is lots of material that wasn't issued on EURO, including their rare version of El amanecer. Fabulous! If you like the old style music, this is for you.

Track list

  1. Retintín
  2. La cumparsita
  3. Viejo rincón
  4. La payanca
  5. Flor de tango
  6. Re fa si
  7. De mi barrio
  8. Adiós muchachos
  9. Tradición
  10. La sonámbula
  11. Fumando espero
  12. Puente Alsina
  13. Chorra
  14. Dominio
  15. El porteñito
  16. Niño bien
  17. Coqueta
  18. El choclo
  19. La rosarina
  20. El chamuyo
  21. Bailarías
  22. El amanecer
  23. Libertad

Francisco Canaro - Instrumentales de Colección

Francisco Canaro - Instrumentales de Colección

EMI 473886

A really nice and overlooked Canaro instrumental album, with great versions of El chamuyo, Charamusca and the vals Noches de amor, although as usual this has a tiny amount of the introduction chopped off. (Don't worry, unless you have heard the transfers from Japan, you won't notice).

Reliquias porteñas is not the milonga but a pot-pourri of eleven famous tangos mixed together.

Track list

  1. Inspiración
  2. Pinta brava
  3. El chamuyo
  4. Charamusca
  5. El pinche
  6. Hotel Victoria
  7. Canaro
  8. El buey solo
  9. El internado
  10. El canillita
  11. El caburé
  12. Noches de amor vals
  13. El arroyito
  14. Buen amigo
  15. Todo corazon
  16. La puñalada milonga
  17. Mate amargo
  18. El tigre
  19. A mano limpia
  20. Reliquias porteñas

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