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Welcome to our Tango Music Club!

Nothing improves your dancing so much as a good feeling for the special qualities of tango music. The idea of the club was to help you build a library of good tango music, tailored to your own tastes.

The club ran for 8 years, from December 2008 to December 2015, but was forced to close because of the reducing supply of tango CDs, itself a consequence of on-line listening (youtube and spotify) and of course copying.

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This month's selection (August 2014):

This month: the king of the beat, in an album we wanted to bring you in June but could not because it was temporarily out-of-print.

Juan D'Arienzo - Corrientes y Esmeralda (1944-1949)
Enrique Rodriguez - recordando sus éxitos (canta Armando Moreno) D'Agostino/Vargas - Los dos angeles vol.2 Unicos - Edmundo Rivero

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Juan D'Arienzo - Corrientes y Esmeralda (1944-1949)

Juan D'Arienzo - Corrientes y Esmeralda (1944-1949)

BMG 669339

It was hearing the milonga La espuela everywhere in Buenos Aires this Easter that told me that the time had come to offer some D'Arienzo from the second half of the 1940s.

The disc opens with a killer instrumental, El romántico, and then presents two of Héctor Mauré's very best - and final - tracks with the orchestra.

The return of Alberto Echagüe is abrupt but things settle with the arrival of Armando Laborde. Neither is as lyrical a singer as Mauré: this is more a slower-paced version of D'Arienzo's 30s period. Taken in that vein, it's top class.

Track list

  1. El romántico
  2. Lilian
  3. Amarras
  4. No nos veremos nunca
  5. Oro de ley milonga
  6. El paisanito milonga
  7. Me gusta bailar milonga milonga
  8. Corrientes y Esmeralda
  9. Leguísamo Solo
  10. Don Alfonso
  11. La espuela milonga
  12. Pan comido
  13. Chaparrón milonga
  14. Desde aquella noche
  15. El penado 14
  16. Cambalache
  17. Dios te salve m'hijo
  18. El raje milonga
  19. La maleva
  20. Farabute
  21. Yuyo brujo
  22. El potro


Enrique Rodriguez - recordando sus Éxitos (canta Armando Moreno)

DBN 541704

Rodriguez gets his tongue firmly back in his cheek with this mixed selection focussing on foxtrots and corridos. To be honest, you'll probably skip over the corridos but the foxtrots are wonderful, particularly Por las calles de Estambul (On the streets of Istanbul) which makes it onto my playlist regularly. You'll also enjoy the valses and the lovely milonga La rumbita candombe.

Irrepresible fun!

Track list

  1. Clavelito chino corrido
  2. Cantar gitano fox trot
  3. No se haga mala sangre
  4. Por las calles de Estambul fox trot
  5. La higuera corrido
  6. Por aquí por alla vals
  7. Yo busco una novia fox trot
  8. Ay Catalina paso doble
  9. Por mis trabucos corrido
  10. La rumbita candombe milonga
  11. Luna Veneciana fox trot
  12. Hice el testamento corrido
  13. Marcelina fox trot
  14. María polca - paso doble
  15. El tucu tun fox trot
  16. Con tu mirar vals
  17. Hagamos nuestra casita fox trot
  18. Vuela vuela palomita corrido
  19. Atencion y disparar corrido
  20. Diez soldaditos fox trot


Armando Moreno

Tango de Los Angeles vol.2

BMG 41292

The second volume of the balanced, classy music of Two Angels, pianist and orchestra leader Angel D'Agostino and his singer Angel Vargas.

Sublime, definitve versions of Palais de glace and Hotel Victoria (make sure you have the volume turned up to catch the subtle piano intro), and a couple of 5 star waltzes in Ave de paso and Tristeza criolla. There's also the bizarre tango about army life, A pan y agua (bread and water) which changes from a tango to a milonga half way through. Only DJ that one when you want to fool your close friends!

Track list

  1. Madreselva
  2. Rondando tu esquina
  3. Destellos
  4. La última cita
  5. Muñequita
  6. Mentiras
  7. La cumparsita
  8. Ave de paso
  9. Mas solo que nunca
  10. Mano blanca
  11. Tristeza criolla vals
  12. Hotel Victoria
  13. Demasiado tarde
  14. A pan y agua
  15. Palais de glace
  16. El Morocho y El Oriental milonga
  17. Serpentina de esperanza
  18. Bailarin de contaseña
  19. El espejo en tus ojos vals
  20. Esta noche en Buenos Aires

Angel Vargas (1-20)

Unicos - Edmundo Rivero

DK 14146

Recordings from Edmundo Rivero on the TK label in the years 1954 - 1956, split between recordings with guitars or with a backing orchestra. This was directed either by Victor Buchino, who worked as the leader of the house orchestra for TK, or later by Carlos Figari (formerly Troilo's pianist). I've identified these for you in the list below.

Track list

  1. Amurado
  2. La cantina
  3. Que risa
  4. Si se salva el pibe
  5. Guapo y varón
  6. Madame Julie
  7. Mis consejos
  8. Aquel cantor de mi pueblo
  9. Fogón de huella tango campero
  10. Muriéndome de amor
  11. Victoria
  12. La solita milonga


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