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Welcome to our Tango Music Club!

Nothing improves your dancing so much as a good feeling for the special qualities of tango music. The idea of the club was to help you build a library of good tango music, tailored to your own tastes.

The club ran for 8 years, from December 2008 to December 2015, but was forced to close because of the reducing supply of tango CDs, itself a consequence of on-line listening (youtube and spotify) and of course copying.

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This month's cds (October 2014):

Continuing the Troilo centenary, more beautiful, danceable Troilo from the mid 1940s.

Quejas De Bandoneón (1944)
Felipe Antonio - Tangos Valses Milongas Pasodobles The Masters of Tango - Juan D'Arienzo - El simpático Osvaldo Pugliese - Sus éxitos con Roberto Chanel

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Aníbal Troilo - Quejas De Bandoneón (1944)

Quejas De Bandoneón (1944)

BMG 659442

Fiorentino is gone and with him the ductility and emotional range that made him the greatest singer of the early part of the 1940s. But music is moving on, changing style. After six months, Troilo finds the new singer he needs in Floreal Ruiz, whom he poached from De Angelis. His first recording with Troilo was Marioneta, a song he brought with him, and a comparison of the two versions is intriguing: both danceable, the voice equally fine in both interpretations, but Troilo's interpretation has more colour, and a subtlety that we don't find with De Angelis's simpler treatment. In Marino and Ruíz, Troilo has the best partnership for the more sophisticated music now developing.

Track list

  1. Quejas de bandoneón
  2. Naranjo en flor
  3. Palomita blanca vals
  4. Café de los angelitos
  5. Rosa de tango
  6. Milonga en rojo milonga
  7. Nada más que un corazón
  8. Marioneta
  9. Copas, amigas y besos
  10. Torrente
  11. Luna llena
  12. Me estan sobrando las penas
  13. Alhucema
  14. Con permiso milonga


Felipe Antonio - Tangos Valses Milongas Pasodobles

Felipe Antonio - Tangos Valses Milongas Pasodobles

Magenta 88020

Felipe Antonio was another artist like Rafael Rossi who made music with a countryside feeling - even when performing city music. The group sounds like a trio of a bandoneón (presumably Antonio himself) backed by two guitars. The arrangements are very simple, the playing unsophisticated, but it's charming and easy to enjoy. Just the thing when you've had too much Troilo :)

Despite the title, I couldn't find any milongas here.

Track list

  1. Nueve de julio
  2. Rosas de otoño vals
  3. El amanecer
  4. Ensueño vals
  5. Jueves
  6. Manojito de claveles pasodoble
  7. Siga el corso
  8. El niño de las monjas pasodoble
  9. Una lágrima vals
  10. El choclo
  11. Quitapenas pasodoble
  12. Tendrás que llorar vals
  13. Derecho viejo
  14. Desde el alma vals
  15. La viruta
  16. El aeroplano vals
  17. Sentimiento gaucho
  18. Sueño de cascabel pasodoble

The Masters of Tango - Juan D'Arienzo - El simpático

The Masters of Tango - Juan D'Arienzo - El simpático

LCDM 2742312

Since the D'Arienzo albums on Euro Records Colección 78 RPM were deleted this is now one of the best places to look for D'Arienzo's instrumentals. Letting down this excellent compiltation are the last four tracks from 1960-1961. Ignore these, however, and you have a very good album.

Excellent liner notes as always in this series.

Track list

  1. El resero
  2. Vea vea
  3. El romántico
  4. Don Alfonso
  5. La maleva
  6. Canaro en París
  7. Tucumán
  8. Don Juan
  9. La cumparsita (1951)
  10. El simpático
  11. Yapeyu
  12. Luis Alberto
  13. El pollo Ricardo
  14. Julie
  15. Don Goyo
  16. El embrollo
  17. Criollo de ley
  18. Don Alejandro
  19. Barrio Belgrano
  20. Mas grande que nunca
  21. Tapado gris
  22. Mi viejo Montevideo
  23. Puro tango
  24. Gran señor
  25. Poco y bueno

Osvaldo Pugliese - Sus éxitos con Roberto Chanel

Osvaldo Pugliese - Sus éxitos con Roberto Chanel

Reliquias 495374

Fabulous 40s sides of Pugliese with his greatest singer Roberto Chanel. Pugliese has been criticised over the years for his choice of singers but mostly by people who are not very well informed. True, his 60s recordings with Abel Córdoba have not stood the test of time - but have anyone's vocal tangos from the 1960s? D'Arienzo with Jorge Valdéz anyone?

A fairer criticism would be that with the dramatic Alberto Morán, Pugliese began the de-integration of the singer from the orchestra, reversing the whole trend of the 1940s. It's true - although the recordings from this transition period (especially the ones from 1950 with Jorge Vidal) are tremendously exciting.

Before this, back in the 1940s Pugliese had a fantastic cantor de orquesta (orchestra singer) in the body of Roberto Chanel. Tracks such as Yo te bendigo, Corrientes y esmeralda and La abandoné y no sabía give me goose bumps. I can't understand why these tracks aren't better known and more-often played at the milonga.

This is a cd for real connosieurs of tango music, who will also find it interesting to compare the songbook of Chanel with that of Enrique Campos with Tanturi.

Track list

  1. Yo te bendigo
  2. Fuimos
  3. Rondando tu esquina
  4. La abandoné y no sabía
  5. Corrientes y esmeralda
  6. Puenticito de mi río vals
  7. Farol
  8. Muchachos comienza la ronda
  9. Nada más que un corazón
  10. Galleguita
  11. Sin lágrimas
  12. Tu casa ya no esta vals
  13. Tiempo
  14. Ojos maulas
  15. Amigas
  16. Consejo de oro
  17. Que bien te queda
  18. El tango es una historia
  19. Escúchame Manón
  20. Cabecitas blancas

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